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 by dimasm11o
 on 17-08-08 10:56

pilotf1 thanks!

piston this car is RWD ...
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 by JimBeamer#5
 on 17-08-08 10:09

Any update on this beauty?
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 by carlitos
 on 17-08-08 10:05

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 by piston
 on 17-08-08 09:54

FWD or RWD ? that is the qeschion ? :D
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 by mfelat
 on 17-08-08 09:40

The circuit is not bad, but with these curbs; it's impossible to drive. Besides it gives me a very good idea about what the new circuit looks like and how the competition will be.

Isn't there any chance of correcting these curbs? Please :)
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 by Tebacka
 on 17-08-08 09:23

Thank you for the update :)
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 by Speedglenn
 on 17-08-08 08:42

Thank you to all who support the works of this mod, and to the people doubting the mod please go and find another mod to watch elsewhere, don't expect the most perfect mod of all mods out of this but expect a very good representation of the 1999 Formula 1 season in its glory. I have just finished my work on the sounds that will be included in the demo so it can't be long now people thanks again for the support, stay tuned!
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 by popiah123
 on 17-08-08 08:08

I was at the Nanyang Polytecnic exhibition today and they showcased the track. And when i asked the guy in charge he said it's only for the school's use only and it won't be released... D=
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 by KittX
 on 17-08-08 07:21

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cannot wait for that!!!!!

Btw: are you planning to do also simple '82 ("non-kitt") trans am?
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 by Oneliner
 on 17-08-08 06:34

Mike, maybe spend some time on a better suiting nickname. You're not cool at all.

Hint: eagerwilly
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 by usecom
 on 17-08-08 06:15

Is anyone getting understeer severe understeer. I am trying to run Barcelona and I am + 8 sec behind th AI ! I have tried with both wings , stock base settings and I cannot get rid of it.
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 by pdodd
 on 17-08-08 06:14


Hi I raced obout 20 years ago at Adelaide raceway in a GT Cortina I would be happy to test it for you and give comment.
Looks good carnt wait for it to be finished.

Peter Dodd
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 by pbr
 on 17-08-08 06:05

very nice track layout
Track texture is not that great in some spots & there is no braking makers
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 by aelange
 on 17-08-08 05:57

This is the bees knees, man! Just finished a lap, one of the funnest tracks I've ever been on @_@
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 by SuperZuk
 on 17-08-08 05:45

Well..it's pretty, and it looks like a Mini Cooper....but thats about as far as it goes. It sounds-drives/handles like no Mini I have ever driven. I own a 03 Mini Cooper S, and this mod in no way comes anywhere near the feeling of the real car. (No disrespect intended).
It sounds like its running on 3 cylinders, has no way near the get up and go.. and feels like it's running on greased tires.
But it sure is pretty
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 by Snakeyes
 on 17-08-08 05:29

this is my local track and been waiting a very long time for some1 to make it wooohooo lol
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 by NOS_Waster
 on 17-08-08 01:47

i want to let you guys know that this mod is one of ~SlideWayz~'s "official" mods. we love it and will use it alot. thanks for the awesome track and keep up the good work!
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 by Brad Skusa
 on 17-08-08 01:31

Short Track thunder Physics are being constructed right now as we speak. I am doing physics for these. The man behind the models for this mod Ryan Field is now a modeler for 321 Development. A release date is TBA. Models look great in game and we are also working on some North Eastern race tracks. It will be released as Short Track Thunder in respect of Mr. Field, he has put a lot of time and effort into this mod and we thank him for all of his great work.


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 by Bulldognz
 on 17-08-08 00:21

I would happily pay money to have the kadett c coupe added to rfactor.
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 by BruceB7
 on 16-08-08 21:31

Love seeing the old tracks, defiantly Daytona!!
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 by bmw.racing
 on 16-08-08 20:44

anyone making a 'pre-clipsal' F1 style adelaide track

its pritty much the same, but when they do into turn 7, they go straight on, a dogleg left-right, then a right turn, straight till another right turn onto the MUCH longer back straight. rest of track after straight is same.

Im haven't made a track before... but it would be awesome if someone did.

see links here..

hope someone does it

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 by coolmike
 on 16-08-08 20:35

I don't think we will ever see a 1994 F1 mod for rFactor.....ever. Must be too hard to create.
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 by Alleydog
 on 16-08-08 20:05

There should be a folder within your Userdata folder. Not your player folder.
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 by [UKG]Trotter2k
 on 16-08-08 19:26

@SkaningeN , yeah i like Mika Hakkinen he was one of the best F1 Drivers from that time when he was racing Schuey for the title if i remember it right but then again my brains are fried and all stressed out @ the moment i need to get my head down and wait for this Great Looking Mod

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 by Laurence
 on 16-08-08 19:09

This is a great track.
I'm just having a problem with CART 1995. When using the A1 competitors, They always seem to hit the wall after braking off the back straight and turning into turn 4.
Does anybody know how to fix this error or maybe post a fix.

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 by Maniaknz
 on 16-08-08 18:33


Looking forward to the new karting mod. My son wants to get into karting - this will be another way of showing him how much fun it is...and cheaper than getting a kart right now!! Bring it on!!
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 by DavidEGP
 on 16-08-08 17:06

hallo wird bei den mods was ihr macht (djkm....,world karting.....usw.) auch die marke SPIRIT gemacht
denn ich bin selber SPIRIT werksfahrer
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 by piston
 on 16-08-08 16:51

RWD or FWD ?
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 by jonnyboss
 on 16-08-08 16:25

I keep getting a missing files when loading tracks SW1 and SW2 I think so I don't see the little crosses. Getting that problem on 3 different computers. Any idea which file I am missing?
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 by Logisteini
 on 16-08-08 16:17

Thank you very much for this mod , I love it :)
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 by Donaldini
 on 16-08-08 16:11

und woh ist der downluhd geblieben?
and where is the download??
et ou est le download???
en waar is de downlood????
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 by pakopardo
 on 16-08-08 14:28

I also have the same problem that mickey65 , Stripes in the sky

some solution or idea?
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 by NOS_Waster
 on 16-08-08 13:53

u people need to stop your comments and get some patience. I've been waiting for prototype C for almost 2 years and that one isnt dead. god u people need to grow up and get patience. good mods dont happen over night ffs. *rolls eyes at stupid/ignorant people*
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 by KittX
 on 16-08-08 13:13

is it possible to make the animated pitworkers?
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 by MaXyM
 on 16-08-08 13:07

Hehe, Czech sounds like Polish ;)
I'm Polish living in Czech Rep - I know some about it ;)

I'm really waiting forward for this track. I know this highroad from real. However I'm sure that building an environment around it will pain.

Best regards
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 by anthing
 on 16-08-08 13:06

Looks very promising!! Cant wait to get to the track. :) Keep it up!
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 by Bleddyn
 on 16-08-08 12:53

nice version of Vancouver here http://gtr4u.de/thread.php?threadid=15539 not the tiny Codemasters one.
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 by Antz
 on 16-08-08 12:47

It looks good i also hope i comes with a track pack. I know these cars from F1 Challenge 99-02. Hope you guys finish it soon.
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 by Hang the Dead
 on 16-08-08 12:11

Hi mod looks like its shaping up to be a good one! I was just wondering if there'll be any gearbox class in this.. i've been hoping for a KZ2/ICC kart for a while but sadly i have neither the time or the knowhow to make one myself!!
regards dudes ;)
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 on 16-08-08 10:46

veo que es injusto pagar por un mod ke ni algunos seven detallaos bien...no lo veo justo...
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 by the_last_name_left
 on 16-08-08 10:38

olddog - I had same issue. I solved it by.....errrr.......maybe installing rF/ISI F3 mod? Or maybe it was by installing earlier season version of this mod.........ie 2006?
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 by exeakarock
 on 16-08-08 09:42

lasst ihn doch erstmal kerpen fertig machen
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 by sixdegrees
 on 16-08-08 09:06

The four screenshots posted by davewi are nothing to do with our car whatsoever. The renders are indeed of our car, albeit an old iteration of it. No screenshots yet, sorry.
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 by andrix
 on 16-08-08 08:52

SuperKart Challange 3.1 is a dead link
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 by andrix
 on 16-08-08 08:48

you need a better server than Rapidshare or Megaupload, both are to slow (~50kb/s) and are not worth to use.
Hope you make a faster mirror, otherwise many people will not download your mod.
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 by Uff
 on 16-08-08 08:34

Hi guys! I hope that the works on this track are progressing well! :)
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 by hompe
 on 16-08-08 08:07

Models look very good im really looking forward to this honda:)
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 by DKR Speedline
 on 16-08-08 06:32

The best looking Ferrari I've ever seen in a Racing Game!
Great work guys, looking forward to this mod!

DKR Speedline
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 by emifisa
 on 16-08-08 06:10

WOOOOW the fiat 128 but what version is? i like the 128 rally it's very fast and have a sound faboulos
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 by pimpfreak
 on 16-08-08 05:44

show me this rearwings and front bumpers in nfs. You won�t find it! It takes me 4months of my freetime. do you think a conversion of nfs take so long? I could send you the 3ds-file of this model. Compare it with the original of nfs,everything is diffrent. But I should thank you comparing my model with the one of nfs makes me proud!
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