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1960's Legend Cars 1

By: lo^
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 21-May-06
Current release: 1, on 24-May-06

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Lo^ has officially released Part 1 of Legend Cars.

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New Link 1960's Legend Cars 1.00
Juan_d_k on Feb-06-2012

Originally posted by: iceRasta

what track is it at the first picture??

That would be the Longford Track in Tassie
Stuezy on Aug-12-2011

what track is it at the first picture??
iceRasta on Aug-10-2011

who is the part 2?
palmix2010 on Jul-25-2011

Not enough different types of cars. Need a Jag, Corvette, Porsche and more!
mcb52 on Nov-14-2010

Wheres part 2
gp96 on Aug-18-2010

GPL cars are rips

What you let **** like that up here for !@!
[MAD]Hammer on Jul-24-2010

Anyone got a link for templates ??
TUNDRA_willie64 on Dec-18-2009

Does this mod have the Chevy '57 ?
EasyRider on Aug-15-2009


Thank you for ALL!!>>

SOrry my poor English.
Leone on Jan-11-2009

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1960's Legend Cars