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1965 USAC 0

By: ZerkelMotorwerks
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Rally
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: TUNDRA_schumacher

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is this mod still going or is it dead
dayne123123 on Dec-30-2012

tire test vid posted on 7/10/2009 looked SWEET!!!

ANYTHING NEW?????????????

ANYTHING at all??????????????????????????????????
LeftLaneFast on Sep-03-2010

OK guys,

To renew your hope. Here is a little idea of what is hapenning.

USAC tire test
Bill Guillaume on Jul-10-2009

Whoohoo great news
Kimi on Jun-19-2009

Great news ! Don't give up !!!
Ghost Dog on Jun-19-2009

Update guys,

Things are moving forward...still lots to go, but I should be posting a new wip in the next few weeks!
Bill Guillaume on Jun-17-2009

Same here Evilsmurf. My Uncle ran USAC in the 60's. I think the sprints and midgets of that era are the best looking cars. I love any car whose last name is "Special"
Hope you can pull it off Bill.
DWP33 on Jun-12-2009

Hey Bill thank you for the update. This is a very special mod, maybe not so many people would be interested, but for diehard sprint car fans who remember them without wings, even without roll cages, this mod is near and dear. I am glad you gave it a respirator, as you are doing something well beyond my capabilities. Hat is off to you, not to worry about time, real life is always the priority, but do let us know if you can how things are going. My first introduction to sprint cars was in the seventies, a show in Colorado and a book by Joe Scalzo "Stand on the Gas". And from there on it was a passion to see as much as I could. Real life got in my way a lot, even this last period home from ugly Afghanistan (a country that would benefit from racing of any kind). So rained out of all the shows I could see, I came back with just the internet to feed my love of Sprinters. Be looking forward to seeing your updates. Thank you.

Sean Sammut
Evilsmurf on Jun-05-2009

Cheers for the upfate Bill, I'm a member of the NZ 3/4 Midget mod team if you need help with anything let me know.
Monticus on Apr-29-2009

I will jump in here and answer this. The guys were kind enough to pass off their work to me. I have gotten new models made and am working on getting the new models in game. There is a LOT of work still needed and I am trying to secure a trusted 3dmax8 guy to help me with a few matters. So it is not dead, just on a resperator. It will not be soon though. I will annouce the new one once I have the cars in game and working on skins and physics. But as usual, real life keeps getting in the way.

Bill Guillaume on Apr-28-2009

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