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1968 HOWSTON HG6 (rFactor2) 1.20

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: GT
Initial release: 26-Sep-13
Current release: 1.200, on 26-Sep-13

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The Howston HG6 is based off the designs of the Lola T70, a successful racing car from the 1960s. In 1965 and 1966, the T70 was the fastest race car in the world, and at that point could outpace a Formula One car. It boasted stable, predictable, handling along with blinding acceleration.


With a pedigree from the Ford GT40, the Lola T70 was tested and developed by World Champion John Surtees. Though designed for endurance racing, it had much success in sprint races, due to superior handling. It is generally considered to be the car which advanced an understanding in racing that increased drag could be an acceptable penalty for increased downforce.

The T70 went through many configurations until eventually changes in sporting regulations made the car obsolete.

Please visit the official ISI page from complete details:

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Your work is very good and I appreciate you and hopping for some more informative posts. Thank you for sharing great information to us.
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