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1973 ford falcon xb gt coupe 0.10

By: vn88holden
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
Progress Bar:

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: vn88holden
Screenie by: vn88holden

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Ok guys i decided to make this car as i have not seen one in a game yet and there is not many street cars, im not shore about a release date as i am doing this all by myself. i will try my hardest to get this car ready as i dont like wips that dont get finished myself. lets just cross fingers that it turns out ok as this is my first scratch built car. cheers

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anyone here hear about MIRROR TOOL in 3DS MAX?
SmashingPants67 on Apr-13-2013

Any progress on this? Looks great but ohhhh the wait!
Skyhooks75 on Oct-21-2012

hey just wondering is there anyone out there who has made a 1995 ef falcon if so can you lat me know would pay for mod

superfordxr8 on Feb-24-2012

I just tried to convert the XB from Ford Racing 3 - but got stuck at the gmt section of the gen and spinner gen files.
Skyhooks75 on Oct-12-2011

dump the 25' to have original wheels! Good looking bodyshells tho!
Rat1 on May-19-2011

Wow, last of the V8 Interceptors.....
Is it still on the cards?
Cant wait to turn on the drill & click in that some kwaka z9's Id love to ram.....
But seriously, is this build still happening?
I can hardly wait to drive it, I so do hope it's still happening!
Goodluck on this one vn88holden!
And remember, like the pigkiller said-'Where ever you go....there you are!'
BLeeK on Mar-28-2011

as i have asked a few times for help on this noone is willing to help as its my first time making a car but yes i had ideas for extra colours as well as mad max look as well but as i said before i am back at the begining because i had computer problems and lost every thing sorry for bad news guys but its still on my mind to complete it.
vn88holden on Jun-25-2010

hi was wondering how much longer till the mod is complete. Am really anxious to test out the might XB GT uncle has a yellow one. are you having the coupes in different colours. such as yellow, black or red. So
zepboy on Jun-20-2010

i realise thier far from perfect but i want to race them... have you done any modelling?
Reepa on Jun-13-2010

very lows details.....
remanga2 on Jun-13-2010

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