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1996 Indy Racing League 0.30

By: Michael Peters
Origin: Extension | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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With permission from iDT Simulations / Marcelo B. I will be completing the 1996 Indianapolis 500 field based on Indycar 95 for rFactor.

The mod will use 1994 and 1995 Lola and Reynard chassis along with Mercedes Benz, Menard, and Ford Cosworth engines.

The 1996 Indianapolis 500 held at Indianapolis on Sunday, May 26, 1996. This was the first Indianapolis 500 run under the Indy Racing League, but still under USAC sanction. The majority of teams and drivers present in 1995 chose to boycott the race following the creation of Tony George's Indy Racing League. Instead, the boycotting teams staged a competing race, the U.S. 500 at Michigan International Speedway on the same day as the Indy 500, touting the "Stars and Cars" fans would be more familiar with.

This mod is dedicated to the memory of Scott Brayton.

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I'd appreciate you painting any of the 96 irl cars CARTfactor2....I think he only did a few...Arie Luyendyk, Tony Stewart, Danny Ongias, Brad Murphey, Stephan Gregiore, Roberto Guerrero, Robbie Buhl, Hideshi Matsuda and Buddy Lazier. Someone on the nogrip forum did a Davy Jones from the 96 race...I'd like cars from any race that season....The Yearbook has excellent photos of that season....Templates should be easy too get, i might have the 95 reynard..
threat on Jun-01-2016

if i get access to the templates and you tell me whats left to paint and design count me in for it, well if your still working on it
CARTfactor2 on May-28-2016

threat on May-23-2016

I would love to see this mod!

Anyone want to help out with my CART 1986 mod? It's 95% finished!
LeftFootBrake on Mar-12-2015

When this mod will be finish?
Pedrohc on Feb-28-2015

where is the link to download the mod
CarnageXtremeBR on Dec-21-2013

Can somebody tell me if this mod is still being worked on or whether it is dead. It would be a great shame not to finish off what already looks like a great mod and cars. I am happy to help out if I can. lets get this up and running.
bigjoangel on Aug-13-2013

Originally posted by: iPsychosomatic

I hope Scott Brayton will be included. If he is not already, please include him. My dad knew him personally, and would love to see him in the game. From what he says, he was a great guy. Just please, please include Scott. Thanks

Just send me a message if you need any pictures. I try to dig some up. I have a small collection of Scott Brayton memorabillia (srry for spelling), so I could take some pictures and e-mail you. -iPsychosomatic

brayton is already included in 1995 -so it is just a matter of copy/paste
astonbiaggi on Jun-26-2012

cool I am just watching early IRL races

do you need some help with this I am quite a decent painter. and this is basically only the skin mod, since 3d and phy are from 1995
astonbiaggi on Jun-26-2012

whats the status for this mod?!?!?!...any shot of the car skins being released you've done? if the would work the the cart factor mod 1995? still looking forward to it!
threat on Apr-25-2011

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