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1997 V8 Supercars 0.20

By: ARSimulations
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: v8holdenfan
Screenie by: v8holdenfan
Screenie by: v8holdenfan
Screenie by: v8holdenfan
Screenie by: pet3r
Screenie by: pet3r
Screenie by: pet3r
Screenie by: pet3r
Screenie by: pet3r
Screenie by: pet3r

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1997 V8 Supercars

ARSimulations is proud to announce its first project, the 1997 V8 Supercars series. Featuring the Holden Commodore VS and Ford Falcon EL, this mod will feature the historic icons of V8 Supercars and also have all the current day heroes back when they were rookies. This is where the current V8 Supercars were created and we are going to re-create this authentic V8 Supercar feel

ARSimulations invites you to join their forums at Please join the forums to show your support and do your part to help the team. You will also receive the latest news, progress and announcements on ARSimulations via their official forum

All components of the mod will be scratch built with quality as the main focus

ARSimulations Team

V8Holdenfan - Modeler/Team Leader
NiTrO - Ingame Files
Speedglenn - Sounds
P rozac32 - Skinner
Cambo - Skinner
Kennith - Skinner
Jim Beamer - Skinner
Peter - Webmaster/Co-founder

V8Holdenfan has started on modeling of the Holden Commodore VS V8 Supercar as show in the screenshot section

We hope you enjoy the feedback, and remember show your support by joining the forums!


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king001 on Sep-19-2018

My Crew over at TeamHRM modding has taken over this Mod. Announcment and Details are At RaceDepartment, and the FVRModding Forums. We will update this page soon enough, its just a matter of changing the name over into our name.

We hope you guys are happy that this mod is being worked on!
hammiestein on Mar-08-2015

How much $$$ do you want for this mod

falcon347 on Feb-17-2015

Lets hope something is done soon...
hammiestein on Dec-09-2014

Would love to see this mod go ahead. Can anyone get it going.
nzwarrior51 on Oct-20-2013

It's a shame this never got finished, I'd loved to drive some of the older V8's. :c
SirDunny on Aug-28-2013

Why have you guys just stopped this mod ive been waiting for this for years now and still no sign of it why?((
gympiemaccas on Jul-20-2011

Another WIP lost into the wild blue yonder I presume? Pity as I'm sure there's lots of people who would love to drive these cars.
adr1974tony on May-01-2011

What news?
STODDART on Apr-05-2010

hpiracer has your crew taken over this mod? I'd really love to see this completed one day, it'd be great fun.
FrozenCandle on Dec-04-2009

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