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2 Lane Dragstrip 1

By: (DBR)UncleJessie
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 15-Jan-09
Current release: 1, on 15-Jan-09

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Screenie by: XXR_Kino
Screenie by: XXR_Kino
Screenie by: XXR_Kino
Screenie by: XXR_Kino
Screenie by: XXR_Kino
Screenie by: XXR_Kino
Screenie by: XXR_Kino
Screenie by: XXR_Kino
Screenie by: XXR_Kino
Screenie by: XXR_Kino

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A 2 lane dragstrip with working lap times and lights.

Because of the way the start/finish line had to be manipulated to get this to work in rFactor, you cannot race this track with rules nor can you race it offline because the minimum laps offline are 2.

However, this track is a lot of fun online! Several people can be in the server at the same time. During practice you just stop at the line and then go(for setting up you car and such).
When racing with more than 2 people it just takes some communication as to who goes next and just keep restarting the race until you have run your bracket or all the people have gotten to race. It goes pretty smooth if all the people are on ventrilo or teamspeak.

You can visit our servers to see how we do it or visit for more info on our dragracing brackets.

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My email adress is
jammin14 on Oct-24-2012

can someone PLEASE email me a copy of kalamazoo speedway?? I used to have it and my pc crashed and the one availible here says its broken when tryin unrar/unzip..this is my hometrack and id love to have it back again, can someone please help? Thank you all for all you do with the killer tracks and mods!
jammin14 on Oct-24-2012

Track is ok but has a HUGE problem.
Since you cannot aply rules to it,cause for some reason you´ll get DQ before enter track,it makes online races impossible since no "false start" penalty.
Running without a false start check is stupid.
Tkx for the track but it simple dont work.
xarro on Jul-24-2012

grew up in the zoo....many a fine nite watching Randy Sweet kick super mods rock....links to track down
mbergs on Jun-19-2010

is the tree working?
MaxMotors on Dec-21-2009

Originally posted by: Ferrariman60

Someone should make a top fuel mod!

Hey Ferrariman60, check out this WIP:

AusModders Drag Racing

Can't wait for it.
MarkusP on Jun-22-2009

Sorry I haven't checked thread in a while.Link has been updated.
Streak115, It's fine by me. Please give credit to the original creator.
griff on May-20-2009

Love the track. Just wish the game could love it like it should. Keep up the good work.
beef71 on May-10-2009

Would you be willing to let me convert this track to GTR2 Griff?
Streak115 on Apr-18-2009

Someone should make a top fuel mod!
Ferrariman60 on Mar-15-2009

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