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2003 Macau Grand Prix Skin Pack 1

By: Alessio_F1

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Screenie by: Alessio_F1
Screenie by: Alessio_F1

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This is a skin pack of the 2003 Macau Grand Prix, won by Signature's Nicolas Lapierre. Contested by 30 cars across 3 days, including 2 practice sessions, 2 qualifying sessions and 2 races, the Grand Prix was contested by many exciting prospects and future F1 stars. The 2003 Macau Grand Prix marked the international debuts of such stars as 2008 Drivers' World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, highly acclaimed future F1 race winners, Robert Kubica and Nico Rosberg.

This mod is a first of many future skin packs for the excellent Japan F3 Mod which covers the Japanese Formula 3 seasons across 2002 until 2010. All models and the template were created by the rFactor Series_Junior team and thus this add on could not have existed without their fantastic development.

The skins will come together with an rFm file along with correctly adjusted talent files. While the mod won't include the official Macau Grand Prix skin pack, this track is acquirable from this site (rFactor Central) on the F3 Macau 2009 mod page.

At present (as of 19/12/2013), 24 cars have been fully created and are now in-game, with only the cars of Danny Watts' Alan Docking Racing car, the 3 Signature cars and the 2 TME Superfund cars remaining to be completed. Helmets still remain to be started on and may not be included in the first release of the mod.

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