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2007 Endurance Touring Car Series 4.01

By: SRM & DrivingItalia.NET
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 23-Dec-07
Current release: 4.010, on 12-Oct-08

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Screenie by: VELOCIPEDE
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Screenie by: max86
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Screenie by: max86
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Screenie by: VELOCIPEDE
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Screenie by: Nico 13

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

ETCS 2007 Patch Update v4.01
Graphics Update for ETCS '07 Mod
-New Helmets in Helmets selection
-New Window for BMW M3 GTR for best view
-New Temp Car italian Police "Carabinieri"
-New window in pit lane at Vallelunga
-New Sky for Mugello and Misano
This Update is compatibile with old version 4.0 of the mod

Go here for support:


S.R.M. Team in collaboration with and Peroni Promotion Incentive presents...

ETCS Endurance Touring Car Serie 07


ETCS 2007 Mod new full version 4.0:

- many bugfixes
- physics corrections and improvements
- graphic optimization


Before installing this new version, be sure to uninstall previous releases. Go to your rFactor folder and delete the following folders:
SRM_ETCS_07 from rFactorGameDataVehicles
ETCS07Tracks from rFactorGameDataLocations
ETCS07_Sound from rFactorGameDataSounds
ETCS07UIData from rFactorUIData

You can also remove the following files, which will be anyway overwritten by the new version:

SRM_ETCS.bik, SRM_ETCS.rfm, SRM_ETCS.tga, SRM_ETCS_logo.tga from rFactor


Cars and tracks list:
Class TMC 24H O/3.0

Duller Motorsport
Arsenio Corse
EDM Motorsport
W&D Racing Team
Scuderia LaTorre
Vaccari Motorsport (BMW M5)
SRM Racing ( non reale)

Class TMC 24H sp3.0

Zerocinque Motorsport
Weels Racing
Promotor Sport

Class TMC 24H sp2.0

Promotor Sport
Zerocinque Motorsport
Oerre Racig
University Motors

Class TMC 24H sp3.0SD Superdiesel Challenge

BMW Team millenium
Scuderia del Portello

Class TMC N/2.0

Barbieri Racing
Scuderia del Portello
Costa Ovest Racing


BD Racing
IRM Racing
Seat Sport Italia
Team Millenium
WS Racing

Vehicles' models:

BMW M3 E46 GTR 3.2
BMW M3 E46 3.2
BMW M3 E46 3.0
BMW M5 E36 V8
BMW E46 3.0
BMW M3 Compact 2.0
BMW E46 320i
BMW E90 330D
Alfa Romeo GT EVO 2.0
Alfa Romeo 156 GTA 2.0
Alfa Romeo 147 EVO 2.0
Alfa Romeo 147 GTA 2.0
Alfa Romeo 147 JTD 2.4
Seat Leon MKII

6 Hours of Vallelunga
6 Hours of Misano (night race)
4 Hours of Monza
4 Hours of Mugello
6 Hours of Vallelunga Silver Cup

S.R.M. Team would like to remember you that this is an Endurance Championship and that cars have different power and they are quite different from class to class.
To run in this championship with a slow car does not mean that you'll always be the last one and that only BMW M3 can win. Each car runs for the global championship, but also for the Class Championship.

Very Special Thanks to:



Vecchietti Valerio, TEAM MILLENIUM Official Driver and all the ETCS drivers and teams for their help

Official ETCS website:

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Latest 2007 Endurance Touring Car Series Comments

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i doesn't works.. I can't see nothing on menu..
albertototi on Aug-30-2011

I guess I don't see what problems people are experiecing...this is one of the best mods around.

I look forward to New seasons after 2007.

Great job!

Rick King on Jun-17-2011

Any one knows where I can get the Track Pack ? (without having to register anywhere)
GTtuner56 on Apr-04-2011

ascoliracer on Nov-27-2010

I have also done this: 1) install CARSPACK v4.0 2) install TRACKSPACK v4.0 3) install PATCH UPDATE v4.01. And the cars don't show up as a MOD, I cannot see or find the cars. Where are they? I didn't have a previous version installed at all so that isn't the problem. anyone with a suggestion? I am not new to this but cannot figure this one out. When I go to the vehicles area in GAMEDATA I see SRM_ETC07 but there doesn't appear to be vehicles inside. Help please.
TheSultan on Apr-30-2010

it doesnt works to me, doesnt appear like a mod and i did twice all
BcnBignose on Mar-30-2010

where is the *****ing
BMW M5 man .I found name but car is M3 E46 WTF!!!!!!!
DukaV6 on Aug-13-2009

I have a problem, two actually. First thing, I want to say that this mod is absolutely great, and it's got me tied to my computer, but I can't start a race! After the warm-up lap, the AI cars don't get on their grid positions and the race does not start. The car in pole position does not stop at all, it continues lapping with 16 km/h. And one more thing, I was first in qualifying, but I'm only starting fourth in the race, behind a SEAT. If someone can help I'd be very grateful, I installed all three setups, tracks, cars and patch 4.01.
petrolhead49 on Jul-23-2009

For this to work do you have to have any previous mods or will it work by just installin:
1) install CARSPACK v4.0

2) install TRACKSPACK v4.0

3) install PATCH UPDATE v4.01
M_a_D_f_E_r_I_t on Nov-23-2008

Can anyone help with an error I am getting? When I go to open any of the cars, it gives me an error saying it can't find the .mas file for the specific vehicle. Did I install in the wrong folder? I simply installed carspack, trackpack, then the patch in the c:\\programfiles\rfactor folder.

Thanks for any help!
fastsccaguy on Nov-11-2008

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