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2007 Ferrari F2007 0.90

By: SIMdustry Games, f1racing, & stipe
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: TFRL-Iceman
Screenie by: TFRL-Iceman
Screenie by: TFRL-Iceman
Screenie by: TFRL-Iceman
Screenie by: TFRL-Iceman
Screenie by: TFRL-Iceman

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MP4/22 is here. BMW F1.07 too. But where is the best, the Ferrari F2007. It is conversion from GP4, and all we want is to give you great car ready for drive. We will need some time, so please do not make pressure on us. And we have all permissions we need.

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would it not be better to remove this mod if it will not be completed?
mezz on Dec-19-2008

Well, yes it is. I've grown tired of not hearing from any of the other people who were helping. Unless someone came along and helped me, I've moved on to helping TMF with their mods including 99, and 93.
TFRL-Iceman on Dec-08-2008

it'd dead guys. i've had my eye on it for a year now and it was at this progress then.
samthmanpla6 on Dec-05-2008

Iceman, how is things going?
we all ferrari fans hope for this mod....and for this kimi s winning car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ratko98 on Nov-18-2008

I just want everyone to know that I am the only person actually working on this, there were others at first, but it's just me now and I have a lot of things to do, but I'm honestly trying to get this into everyone's hands by the end of the year.
TFRL-Iceman on Oct-04-2008

Lookin' forward to it -- at y'all's leisure, of course!

F1 racing -- I mean, hell, this beats Pole Position, and kicks the fritters outa yay-many dollar-per-play fricking arcarde games. Taking a Ferrari rig out to burn up the Indi track, now that's something worth waiting for
Gimbal on Sep-25-2008

The only problem left is the TV Cam is messed up big time...I need to make sounds and move a few meshes, but other than that it is pretty much done.
TFRL-Iceman on Aug-27-2008

Well would you rather have a working mod or a Half working Glitch filled mod?
Let them take they're time as they said, "don't rush us!"
rs125racer on Aug-24-2008

Please, come on...don t joke with community!!!!
what is happening?
Is that bug so big problem?
ratko98 on Aug-20-2008

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