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2010 Ford Mondeo RS DTM 1

By: questnl
Origin: Extension | Fantasy
Category: Touring
Initial release: 07-Nov-10
Current release: 1, on 07-Nov-10

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Screenie by: questnl
Screenie by: questnl
Screenie by: questnl
Screenie by: questnl
Screenie by: questnl
Screenie by: questnl
Screenie by: questnl
Screenie by: questnl
Screenie by: questnl
Screenie by: questnl

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Addition to the LMT DTM mod 2008-2010, available here:

Model: 2010 Ford Mondeo RS DTM
Engine: Ford Cosworth 4.0 l V8 90°
500hp / 500Nm
Chassis: Tubular frame construction with steel
roof and side panels and carbon wings,
doors, boot lid and bonnet
Suspension: Double wishbone suspension
Drive: Standard sequential 6-speed gearbox,
carbon fiber clutch and driveshaft
Brakes: Carbon Disc breaks

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but what a crappy car! does not work ! no one answers the questions !
galaxie76 on Dec-24-2017

muy bueno todo del todo yy gracias .por todo.
ernesto1943 on Oct-06-2012

Downloaded,extracted to veh folder,it's there ok but doesn't show up in game,used the ex file,installed,no mondeo,whats the story?
Couldn't be arsed bothering again tbh.
dubtom on Apr-14-2012

I think that i now the problem.

This one is for version 1.0 from LMT.

LMT has a new update v1.1 and this addon is not working with the new verion.

Also the cars have probems with the braking lights.
It doesn't work.
Franklin on Jan-28-2011


I have got a lot of errors.
First of all an error loading texture DTM_BRAKE for material CLK07_DTM_BRAKE

I have read al the mas files and i cannot find this file.

Please can you fix it.

Franklin on Jan-28-2011

HI guys, please help. Car already installed, but without succes, I dont see Mondeo in Vehicles Everything was installed into right directories. THX!
toudy on Jan-26-2011


Hola, quería hacerles saber q la comunidad argentina de "" les robo el modelo del Ford Mondeo de Ustedes para realizar un Mod de una categoría local de argentina el Top Race V6

les aviso esto por que esta no es la primera vez que "SRC" roba un modelo de algún mod.

Gracias por leer el mensaje y cuiden sus trabajos por q pueden ser robados por ellos.


Hi, I wanted to let you know the community q Argentina's "" they stole the Ford Mondeo model of you to make a mod of a local category of the Top Race V6 Argentina

I notice this because this is not the first time q "SRC"draw a model of a mod.

Thanks for reading the message and look after their work by q can be stolen by them.

dami_95_14 on Jan-22-2011

I have some cronstructive comments on that mod:
1- the skins are amazing but with the exagerated glossy finish, it destructs everything even with the fix...
2- the sound is horrible, because the motor sounds like a blender, while in real life the sound is amazing
3 compare to the other DTM 2010 cars (Mercedes & Audi) this mod has less possibilities of configuration.
4- again compare with the other DTM 2010 cars, the braking is less efficient then the others. Also it appears that it is hard to get brakes in temp.

I've tried it @ Watkins Glen, and compare all 3 models of the DTM 2010, and the Mondeo is the less efficient. The Audi weights more and comparable power, ok! the Audi is a integral driving but the Mondeo has more power and lighther and the driving is not as stable, but not by much

I know that it is lots of work to create the mod, the creators have done a good work, but compare to the others cars, this one is missing a small revision to get closest.

But understand me right, this mod is not bad, but not as good as the others cars...
Please revise the sound, this is horrible...
jpierre_m on Nov-10-2010

proper smooth is not god :-\
altek91 on Nov-09-2010

The file seemed to be temporarily unavailable but is working again. Mirrored in FF now,
rister on Nov-08-2010

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