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321 Sprint Cars 0.20

By: 321 Development
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Oval
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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321 Development currently working a Wingless 410, Winged 410 and a Winged 360 Sprint Car. Models are a WIP and Physics are about 75% done. A big thanks goes out to Ryan Field for all the hard work he has done for modeling the new sprint car's. Thanks a bunch Ryan. As of 8/22/08 we are 90% done with physics. The next thing we work on is the damage. We also plan to get these things to flip realisticly.

Beta Testers:

Chris Owens
Howard Fergerson Jr.
Mark Chaves
Patrick Fogel
Ryan Field
Bud Watson
Zack Anthony
Nick Johnston
Casey Graves
Jason Brown
Kyle Larson
Kyle Miller
Kevin Swindell
Bud Kaeding
Brad Skusa

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alright guys, we have resumed working on this mod and some others. Go to for more information
sneville1987 on Jul-13-2009

I'd love to see this finished and try it out. I've messed with the other sprint car mods, and although I appreciate them.....they've obviously never driven a sprint car. I'd love to see what someone else can do.
racermike on Jan-28-2009

Hi guys

I am from south africa and we also have sprint racing here but only on tar or asphalt as you guys call it. It would be great if the bandit car as it is now get some smooth slick tires on, without the dirt grooves and so on. THe USA guys came to race in 2008 at our tracks and yeah you guys are good! The drivers that were there: Brain Lay, Ike Beasley, Jimmy MCune, Derick Snyder and some time ago Bill Tylor.

So yeah would love to hear what you guys think, I will help where I can!
Hawk120 on Jan-01-2009

cumms on Sep-30-2008

Cumms, after talking to the guy modeling the car, he still wants to finish it. So as soon as he gets time to finish it, we should be back in business with this mod.
CO24 on Sep-29-2008

that ****** sucks
cumms on Sep-15-2008

This mod is dead. Our modeler supposedly went to another team, or doesn't have time to work on it. Sorry to all that where hoping for a new mod.
CO24 on Sep-15-2008

I'd like to see some pavement physics for the USAC cars too. That way, somebody could put together a true USAC style series.
BaconBits on Sep-11-2008

DanielLyon on Aug-26-2008

Brad Skusa on Aug-26-2008

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