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3D F1 Arms 1

By: Frank-br

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First version of moving 3D arms specifically for the MF1 MOD 1.5 by Spet but works with all FIS cars.

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Latest 3D F1 Arms Comments

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I think i found 1 link to addon it is F1 3D Arms it is to mod FSONE !!

and for 3D_Arms_MMG_F1_2007 also
Slobbeman on Apr-12-2013

This link is dead. Can you post another download link, please?
Skorzeny8814 on Apr-11-2013

3D Arms for MMG F1 2007 (except for Red Bull and Toyota)
felipinhogiro on Feb-06-2012

wtf dude!
wheres da frikin download link????
RicoVasquez on Oct-09-2010

Is it works with GP79?
thooorn on Apr-18-2010

great mod but too bad it only works with FSONE 2008 for me. still awesome though
carsonharrell on Oct-31-2009

I totally agree to you Slayersland !! what a terrible flaw rfactor's mods have... NO Proper moving arms !! F1 2002 of EA did much better... all this so much spoils the show ! n yes i m wondering why do i hav to drive back to the pits once the race is over.... how uninteresting! The AI still looks in a hurry even after the race is over... really ugly. Also the end is very dry indeed.. no trophies or ovation... sad. Sorry if my comment is inappropriate here.
dexter.cage on Oct-26-2009

All arms patches for F1 mods that I've tested have a huge bug, when the wheel is turned left or right to the maximum you can see through the arm, they are awful and annoying, F1 Challenge 2002, the old game, has proper arms and these new mods that are supposed to have a fine graphic design have totally flawed arms...what a pity
slayersland on Jul-28-2009

do we have to edit a line in our plr files to get the arms? the 3d cockpits has no link but you just edit a line in the plr file. if this is true for the arms, what line do we edit?
PieLighter on Jun-02-2009

The F60 in the image is in the F1 WCP 2009 mod
louis on May-30-2009

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