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3dSimEd 3

By: Sim Garage and The Pits

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Sim Garage
Screenie by: Sim Garage

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3DSimED Features


Windows 32-bit application (Windows XP & later).
Fast rendering exploiting DirectX hardware acceleration.
Use of HLSL shaders for high quality fast rendering.
Real-time rotation and zooming. Fast textures display.
Visual selection of objects, vertexes and faces.
Edit multiple drawings in a single instance of 3DSimED. Context help included.

Object File Formats Supported

3D Editor support:- Collada DAE (Blender, 3DSMax & others) ; SKP (Google SketchUp) ; 3DS (3DSMax & others) ; .X (Direct X)
Import:- PSSG (F1-2011, F1-2010 GRID 1 & 2) ; VHF SGB and MEB (NFS Shift) ; GMT (RACE ON, RACE07, RACE , GTR2, GTR, GTL, rFactor) ; TRK (GTR2, GTL) ; CAR (GTR2) ; VEH (rFactor) ; SCN (rFactor, NSR, F1CC, F1-2002) ; GRF (Viper Racing and Nacsar Heat) ; MOD (Viper Racing and Nascar Heat) ; PTF (N2003,N2003,N4) ;
3DO (N2003,N2002,N4,GPL,N3,N2,ICR2) ; .MTS (F1CC,F1-2002,NSR) ; P3D (Race Driver) XBX (Ford Racing 3) ; VRL (SCGT, F1-2000)
Export:- MEB (NFS Shift) ; GMT (RACE ON, RACE07, RACE, GTR2, rFactor, GTL, GTR) ; GRF (Viper Racing and Nacsar Heat) ; MOD (Viper Racing and Nacsar Heat) ; 3DS; 3DO (N2003) ; MTS (F1CC,F1-2002) ; .X (Direct X) ; .X (Richard Burn Rally) ; GPS (Bob’s Track Builder) ; Update:- .PTF (N2003) ;
GPL TSO .3DO; ASE for ASE23DO util.

Packed Data Formats Supported

Decompression to a folder of:- .DAT (all Papyrus sims); .MAS (F1CC, F1-2002, NSR, rFactor) ; GTR (GTR, GTR2) ; GTL (GTL).BIG (Toca Race Driver) ; RES, TRK, CAR (Viper Racing and Nascar Heat).

Object Editing

XYZ position and rotation including realtime preview.
Delete and Replace with new object.
Explode to edit faces and vertices of object.
Isolate to open a copy of the memory object in a new window.
Open of disk object in a new window.

Material Support

Materials loaded from MTS & GMT files.
Material editing including assignment of textures, bump mapping, specular mapping, environment mapping, transparency, specular power etc.
Copy and Paste of materials. Filter display of model by material.

Copy and Paste.

Copy and paste model data and objects.

Texture Brower.

Browse:- .MIP (all Papyrus sims) ; .BMP ; .TGA; .DDS; .TEX; .PNG; JPG.
Conversion (single file or batch) to:- .MIP (N2003 & GBL); .BMP; .TGA; DDS ; PNG.

Display Control

Filter model display by texture, material, and or object.
Walk tracks
Cull back facing faces.
Quickly change light source position by mouse.
Texture, wire frame and flat shading.

Geometric Editing

Centre model
Calculation of facet or vertex normals.
Move/rotate model
Re-position model vertices.

These programs are to be used only for legal and non-infringing uses

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I personally like your post; you have shared good insights and experiences. Keep it up.
happy room
AprilRussell on Sep-06-2017

just a track for have fun using the handbreak, not beautifull, iknow xD.
newstart027 on Oct-13-2016

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