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4C Supermodifieds 0

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Screenie by: SoloGraphix
Screenie by: SoloGraphix

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4c Supermodified are a small touring series in the NY, NJ, PA area. They are powered by 600cc Motorcycle engines, and are approximately 5/8 scale to real supermodifieds.

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My reference to similar cars seen at Osewgo was to similar size to this 4c concept but I believe the engines were around 600 cc. These may have been refered to as TQ Midgets or TQ's. Many of these ran in Canada and put on a good show, but I think would be better served with modified 2.3 liter size turbo charged motors running E85 or 95. Admittedly the TQ's might be better suited for indoor winter racing.
Dickinseattle on Jul-17-2013

This is a great concept but shjould not be compromised by smaller engines. Remember these are speedway Supermodifieds not Go Karts or Formula sports racing cars. From past experiences at Oswego I remember this class racing with a larger group of similar race cars from Canada. Also works veery well for indoor winter racing. My hope was that an asphalt turbo 2 - 2.3 liter division of appropriate (365 Bhp.?) cars could be developed to run with the Midgets and a longer wheelbase 750 Bhp. developed to run with the Supers at a slightly lighter weight. Eventually perhaps a class to run at Indy with top speedway drivers and bring the fans back to the speedway based on the latter class.
Dickinseattle on Jul-09-2013

This division is running actively! We run at Wall Stadium, Mahoning Valley, Shenandoah Speedway please visit or email me at for more information
melindagilbert08 on Jun-14-2009

is this died i really want these to come out if its died can you just leave a post of what you have please
ttruex on Jan-12-2009

No real new news, I had a lot go on in my personal life and everything got shelved. Given the right group of people and some free time and it will get finished at some point.
SoloGraphix on Dec-31-2008

any new news ?
dice65 on Nov-26-2008

Is this mod officially dead?

I was really looking forward to it.
Fisha694 on Sep-22-2008

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