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70Kyalami 1

By: motorfx
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 28-Jul-10
Current release: 1, on 28-Jul-10

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Screenie by: motorfx
Screenie by: motorfx
Screenie by: motorfx
Screenie by: motorfx
Screenie by: motorfx
Screenie by: motorfx

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Always one of my favourites in GPL in my early simming days. I felt the earlier releases in the later formats didnt quite capture that same track's appeal .so this is a reworked Kyalami version partly based on the old converted Kyalami79 ..but now its closer to the smooth corners and mesh of the original papyrus track, although the 70 Kyalami layout seemed to be used in the 60's upto the 80's, this is named 70 Kyalami to stop any conflicts with other versions, .. its still got some 70's banners..Thanks go to the project wildfire team for allowing some parts to be used as the pit entrance layout is from their pwf track .see the kyalami pwf readme.. as it made for better racing with larger grids. sort of still bent reality a little with leaving the pitbuilding open again to garage the cars for use in these formats .. added static marshals, filled in the infields. remapped and retextured roads, barriers and grasses, odd signs... it is now a much smoother drive with better looking corners...
thanks go to "Gubba" who provided the camera file .who has a nice style of his own, when it comes to viewing the replays or race from the trackside cameras..
To Install this track some of the others in the 70 series. you need to extract the rar to temp folder then copy "70stracks" folder into your locations , if you already have any of the other 70's tracks you should have this folder and its safe to let it overwrite the top folder..

There is also an alternate groove texture you may wish to try .. just drop it loose into locations .. if you wish to revert back , you can safely delete this loose one...
Have Fun
Cheers Ken

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Originally posted by: DZ1Drifter

Fails to load. I select it but rFactor loads another track.

Make sure it is in a folder called


Davy512 on Oct-16-2012

Fails to load. I select it but rFactor loads another track.
DZ1Drifter on Oct-16-2012

Great track thanks.

BTW there was an ALT67 download with F1 tracks from 1967 which was really good - but I've lost it with a HDD failure. The only download links I have are Megaupload which is now longer available. Does anyone out there have it??!! I would be eternally grateful!!

jamesmerwald on Jun-12-2012

Just downloaded this one and added it to my offline fantasy season with the F1 2012 mod. Absolutely orgasmic. Love the track. Great work!
DirtyBoots on May-18-2012

@ pavlinio,
its possibly a path problem? you may need to create the "70sTracks" folder and put 70Kyalami into that , if you dont have other tracks in the 70 Series, so that the path will look something like this ...
C:\Program Files\rfactor\gamedata\locations\70stracks\70Kyalami
motorfx on Aug-15-2010

pavlinio on Aug-04-2010

great work love it
bluey007 on Aug-02-2010

Many thanx for the track
sausman_nz on Jul-29-2010

lol. warms the heart it does.
the_last_name_left on Jul-28-2010

Guys, if links don't appear immediately, give it some time. I've deleted the rude comments. I'll say it again, if you can't communicate in a civilized manner, don't communicate.

Motorfx, thanks for the great works!
[RFC]-Fresh! on Jul-28-2010

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