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750 Motor Club Locost Championship 2

Origin: Extension | Real World
Category: Prototype
Initial release: 17-Mar-12
Current release: 2, on 14-Oct-12

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Screenie by: quatermass
Screenie by: quatermass
Screenie by: quatermass
Screenie by: quatermass
Screenie by: quatermass
Screenie by: quatermass
Screenie by: quatermass
Screenie by: quatermass
Screenie by: quatermass
Screenie by: quatermass

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This is a mod for the 750 Motor Club Locost Championship which is run in the UK.

The cars are based on MK2 Ford Escorts with 1300 xflow engines.

This mod is not year specific, but we will try to give everyone a unique number that they raced with at some point.

We will be constantly updating this mod with new drivers and improvements. This 2nd version comes with 21 cars from 2011 and 2012.

I would like to thank Major Parts for letting me use his Caterham mod for its base, although it won't be recognizable when finished. I would also like to thank Evo_Monkey for his help with the graphical changes made.

The confirmed Driver list so far is...

Max Spooner
Scott Mittel
Matt Cherrington
Sian Stafford Atkinson
Stuart Sellars
Sam Bradley
Matt Gilmour
Mike Comber
John Webb
Stephan Wright
Alex Von Ehrhiem
Victoria Pickles
Shaun Brame
Lewis Dallas
Tom Coller
David Boucher
Steve Wells
Max Lees
Nick Selby
Andy Pointer
Mark Robert

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\NEW IN V2.0///////////////

Removed headlights
New physics
New alloy wheels
More drivers
New rear lights
Better AI and slipstreaming

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You can then click 'manage mods' in the launcher.
newstart027 on Nov-29-2016

Do not waste your time with this mod. If you enjoy close open wheel racing use the Caterham mod & get the r500 sound updates also to polish that little beast off. Thanks to Major Parts for the excellent work you did on the Caterham mod. Quatermass you should be ashamed.... why don't you just ask then wait for a reply, it would have been the way to go.
Leaves on Oct-14-2012

Version 2.0 Here
quatermass on Oct-14-2012

This is just taking the piss ever so slightly!

I was never asked if it could be used, I doubt Cubits was asked, I very much doubt Eddy Brown was asked, I doubt the countless other people involved over the last 6 years of development were asked!

But never mind, you added my name to a list!

Other people have modded our mod, but had the decency to ask, and then it was bundled as part of ours. It does state that very clearly in the original readme.

Had you asked in the beginning, I probably wouldn't have given a shit! I do now though!
Major_Parts on Mar-22-2012

i have the same problems, the gear ratios are wrong, 90 mph in 3rd??

what diff did you car have?? also sounds in replay do not work and no engine sound in external views,

Other than that enjoyed it!

I raced in the championship for 3 seasons
locost27 on Mar-21-2012

Hi Lasercutter. I have added your brothers name to the description and would like to express my thanks once again, I have to fix the sounds and will be releasing a sound patch soon.

For people struggling with the gears, they are set to their real life ratios as default. These can be changed. Also these cars are extremely realying on slipstreaming. When you get behind another car you will notice a massive difference. But as someone that drives and has raced a locost I have done my best to make it feel as real as possible.
quatermass on Mar-20-2012

AS this mod was not properly sorted before release ,ive found the VERY simular CATERHAM mod which is just Excellent in all respects. and you use all the gears every lap im going to stick with that.
apacheracer on Mar-20-2012

a few things here, firstly why does it state this is a scratch mod when it clearly uses the Caterham mod that my brother (Major Parts) made as its base? secondly I hope permission was gained for the use of the Caterham mod (he's a pretty reasonable chap so I'm sure he would have been obliging if asked) and finally if permission was obtained why are there no credits or acknowledgment of the use of the caterham mod anywhere to be seen?

If this is an "illegal" mod please remove it until the relevant permissions are obtained
lasercutter on Mar-19-2012

Awesome! I was looking for something like that. Just a couple of fixes to the sound and this mod can be an Hall of Famer
THUNDER breaks on Mar-19-2012

Originally posted by: apacheracer

OK,so the sfx file does not match the sounds{caterham} supplied in the mod. uummm.the mod is using rhez a default sound and some called hot hatch from where?

I have worked a temporary fix for now, just so its possible to play with some engine sound, go into the .sfx file in the folder and replace all the sounds that relate to hot hatch with the rTec 2 engine sounds - changing it to the caterham sounds just created the issue where at high revs the noise dissappeared but with rTec 2 the engine sound stays all the way though the rev range

Other than that this is a great looking mod, great to have a properly done UK club series on Rfactor : Tested at Thruxton and after checking my times were similar to when the locosts were last there so the physics must be pretty close to real life though having never raced one I can't say for sure!
1062 on Mar-19-2012

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