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81 Speedway 1.10

By: rfnowner
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Ovals
Initial release: 28-Jan-11
Current release: 1.100, on 28-Jan-11

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81 Speedway is a 3/8 of a mile dirt track located in Kansas.

version 1.1 has been released.
version 1.0 was too large and the entire thing had to be scaled down. The line up board and colored boards in turns 3 and 4 are new, issues with some objects floating was fixed also.

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Relax, bigturds. There must be a reason you have that name.
Dogfather on Mar-21-2017

also, you can get ahold of me on my facebook??? Charles Pearson Jr from Visalia CA???
I wouldnt mind HELPING you with INFO to HELP you take another wak at this track...
get ahold of me or 559-667-5146
CharlesPII on Sep-04-2012

i havent make any tracks yet n like to learn... i like 81 speedway! im from Cali but lived in Wichita,KS for several years and i enjoyed this wide track.
I would like everyone to enjoy this track and use it... Theres many BIG races being held here and again would like everyone to use this track and for the track designer to take another wack at it???
I'm NOT putting anyones work down! I know designing tracks and or templates for races cars and or painting them NOT easy! but, i'm asking IF you would take another wak at it??? Can google 81 speedway and even email tyhe owner??? His name is C RAY...
Who ever made this track! I'm glad you did what you did and also would likje if you put some more time into it??? I would LOVE to race at this track online!
CharlesPII on Sep-04-2012

I appologise for the track not being the quality you prefer bigturds, but is hard to go to every track in the country or around the world so that you can build it for rfactor. I only had a few pictures and a video or two to go by, the rest was done using gps data from google earth to get the size and shape of the track exact. Bing maps was also used for their birds eye view feature. I dont mind constructive criticism, but if your going to just be an ass then leave and dont let the door hit your fatass on the way out.
rfnowner on Jun-29-2011

bigturds...get 3D SimEdit & 3D Max then take a crash course on track building and make a track ...then we can see if "it SUCKS"
latemodel2x on Jun-03-2011

I have been attending 81 speedway for 16 years now, my dad won multiple track championships in his 33 year career, and i downloaded this track, i was in quite a shock to find it, but then i realized, there is no way the guy that made this track has ever been there, nothing like the real thing and i am rather unsatified, with the track. it sucks.
bigturds on May-29-2011

I believe the problem lies somewhere in the mod or your settings. Most dirt mods are not setup for offline racing. Another issue is you need to put the aggression setting for the ai in game to 0. ou may adjust the stregth of the ai but having the ai aggressive makes them race harder and spin more. I am currently working on a mod that will use all my tracks and i am working the ai so it can be ran offline. hope this helps.
rfnowner on Apr-28-2011

hi, i really like this track. i raced it offline with ai,, things was good until lap11 the caution came out,, then the ai went nuts,, tryin to pit and spining and all,, tried several time to restart the race and the caution come right back out .. i really like version 1.1 size its alot better,, just a little tweaking with the ai and this track be awesome,, like i say every thing was fine until the caution came out.. keep up the great work.
Dirtshark on Feb-04-2011

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