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911 Bi-Turbo 4Wheel Drive Cup 5.20

By: Jolo
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: GT
Initial release: 07-Dec-08
Current release: 5.200, on 18-Jan-09

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Screenie by: Jolo
Screenie by: Jolo
Screenie by: Jolo
Screenie by: Jolo
Screenie by: Jolo
Screenie by: Jolo
Screenie by: Jolo
Screenie by: Jolo
Screenie by: Jolo
Screenie by: Jolo

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

In Respect of the Owner from the Model (SIMBIN) You need for installing this Mod, the GTR2 Game installed, or the original GTR2 CD/DVD in any Drive!


If You have installed a previous Version of the Porsche Bi-Turbo Cup except V2.99 or v3x, or V4, You must remove the "BiturboPorsche996" Folder from the
FactorGameDataVehicles Folder first!!! Delete all the "Biturbo_Porsche_Allrad_Liga" and "Biturbo_Porsche_Cup" Files in the rFm-Folder!

If You have installed Version V5 or V5.1, You can overwrite!

Press setup.exe for install the Version V5.1. Follow the Instructions.

If You use own Skins, you can replace them after the Installation from V5.x, so save them first.

More then 100 Cars in two Groups
All Cars are at the same Time usable, while all have the same Physics.
Group one are Porsche_996GT2 Cup Cars in 3 Styles, 20 Colours and same Design.
Group two are Porsche_996GT2 current 49 of the finest paintings for this BiTurbo Mod.

Take a Look in the Upgrades Section, You can use many different Parts in the Cockpit and Sounds!
Select between 4 Sounds for Your Car; 15 Steering wheels; some Analogue or Digital Gauges;
60 Helmets; Wheels, Roof scopes and Horns.

If You will see all Cars without the Roofscoop, you must move the 996GT2_ROOFSCOOP_U.GMT – File from the Folder:
rFactorGameDataVehiclesBiturboPorsche996Roofscoop Dummy to:
Move the File back, and You'll see the Roofscoop again.

Technical Data:
630PS at 6800 R/pm
820NM at 4500 R/pm
345 Km/h Top speed
Sequential Gearbox
Optimum Oil temperature 95 °C
Optimum Tire temperature 90°C
Engine Lifetime at 6900 R/pm 4Hours
This Car has no Rev Limiter!

Don't drive this Car to strong, or you will blow up Your Engine. The Red Zone of the Tachometer is forbidden Terrain!

5 more Cars;
fixed Wheels;
fixed Sound;
better Roll Cage;
fixed many graphicles.
Livetime of the Engine is only dependent of the Drivingstyle, no random Variable is used!

Frontbumper Lights are working now;
some in Cockpit reworked;
re - setting Sound for my Cars.

Please don't use anything from this Mod without my Permission.

For more please Read the Readme.

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432/500 (1615 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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password plis
MCqueen on Jun-24-2013

seen it already with your hint
zimutes on Jan-23-2013

I need a password!!
zimutes on Jan-23-2013 Download
DRAlienW on Nov-23-2012

Why on earth would you put a password in it?
stormridersp on Jun-08-2012

2121 on Apr-04-2012

This is great mod.Still can't believe how brutal acceleration is.
Pa3x on Mar-06-2012

I need password
MGTychy on Apr-27-2011

hi bro,

you have to change in the .gen the Entry:
go to a original rF-Car and copy that Entry in the Bi-Turbo .gen!
Be sure you have the right headlight2.tga or similar in the Bi-Turbo Vehicle Folder beside the .gen!
You'll find them in the cmaps.mas in rFactor Vehicles-Main-Folder!
If you nee, go to rFator-side and download the Mas-explorer for extracting the cmaps.mas.
Is easy like zip ;-)
Jolo on Oct-06-2010

hey Jolo me again....i have one last question...the headlights shines much to far in my opinion...i allready searched in the Biturbo_Porsche1.gen 1a 2 3 ... and changed the headlights like some other cars have....but that doesnt changed the distance...i mean when i go in other perspectives like trackcam they shines over the hole lap and more could you please make a fix for peaopel like me or do a how to change instruction that would me nice...thx bro
DAS-Problem on Oct-04-2010

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