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A1-Ring 2011 0.80

By: F1PD 2010 and F1 '10 PD
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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A1-Ring as the Formula 1 will drive in 2011 on the circuit. We edit the rFactor track if the peoples edit the A1-Ring in real life. This track is for 2011/? but we think to 2017. Thanks to liamlimited. rFactor Pro Drive modification. See more tracks of rFactor PD!

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Keep it going guys,personally I dont rate the Red Bull ring released on here.Still looking forward to racing on my favourite track fully updated.
crashman33 on May-17-2011

Err...the Red Bull Ring is already released, no need to go on here guys.
Lucifer Blackspeed on Jan-12-2011

I love the old track, and i want to see the new track!
sergiuta on Dec-23-2010

the track will be open in spring 2011!!!

i live around the race track, and was there a couple of weeks ago!

the track itself will be 100% the same, but with new pitbuildings and grandstand....
skywalk3r360 on Dec-07-2010

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