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ADAC GT_Masters 2010 1

By: redcart
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: GT
Initial release: 20-Jul-10
Current release: 1, on 20-Jul-10

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Screenie by: redcart
Screenie by: redcart
Screenie by: redcart
Screenie by: redcart
Screenie by: redcart
Screenie by: redcart

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

This is a wip ADAC GT-Masters 2010 mod for rFactor:
This isnĀ“t scratch, this is a mix with converted cars and updated cars and one scratch made car. We have permissions

The Team:

Permissions etc. - redcart, Rocksor
Konvertieren - redcart, Silence112
3d artisten - Rocksor, Comeback???
Ingame "Stuff" - redcart
Fahrer Performances - redcart
Physics - Ferrari64
Painting - redcart, Flo94, Pabig93, Magic.Max
Beta Tester - everyone who is in the team, Thomschel
Trackpack - Marcel
Fotos - Flo94

we need some help with skins, we are searching good painters!!!

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Really looking forward to this mod looks hottt!!! I want to driving.
MillerEth on Feb-09-2018

Mod looks great but link is dead if the original modders are still reacheable
Cop2007 on Feb-14-2016

Link is broken here as well. I wanna race these cars, not be consigned to this forum and write angry messages about it refusing to download!
TheLuigi755 on Sep-30-2015

Looks interesting indeed but download link is giving "403 forbidden"? Any changes for a working link?
Terzi on Feb-24-2015

Great Mod
Ebisu326 on Jan-04-2015

@smosh5: What grphic settings do you run? Maybe put the setting a bit higher :-) I don't know if that works, at my rF installation, it's working fine!
cooper1234 on Jun-21-2014

why i cant see my car when i start to play i only see a car that is written TEMP on it PLEASE help because this mod is AWESOME
smosh5 on Sep-29-2013

please make the dutt motorsport 997 cup S porsche !! that was my dad
LauZzZn on May-19-2012

A lot of news here:

We get models from NLC VLN09 Team
redcart on Feb-06-2011

WHat the status?
paoutlaw on Dec-15-2010

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