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AE86 CLUB 2.49

By: gonzo-kool
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 24-Sep-09
Current release: 2.490, on 07-Jan-14

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: YashioFactory
Screenie by: YashioFactory
Screenie by: YashioFactory
Screenie by: YashioFactory
Screenie by: YashioFactory
Screenie by: YashioFactory
Screenie by: rFPlanet
Screenie by: rFPlanet
Screenie by: witek266
Screenie by: witek266

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AE86 CLUB version 2.49


***** Credits *****
Models : gonzo-kool
Textures and skins : jillnoy
Skins : nanamiso,Keita,HotRats2,Mister
Physics : spyker,Bell
Sounds : C3-R2
Music : tsute2

***** Special Thanks to *****
PromotionMovie : s.okada,Nullpo
Effect Adviser : Some1
Base Tire Model : YoShImUrA_HistorX
Sound Edit : nanamiso
BetaTester : Palmer,ECR,RIURIU
Soramame,Tomono Mizugami
Insanity Geishaboy

homepage :

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should drastically improve the AIs collision detection (car vs car) and overtaking. AI performance still depends on the AI-paths of the track and the collision meshes (the simpler the better) of the vehicles.
inflatable dinosaur costume
wonder woman costume
newstart027 on Oct-12-2016

Somebody please help me. I have kept auto shifting on. The car goes upto second gear and suddenly shifts back to 1st and blows up the engine. Is there a solution?
igotfactor on Jul-16-2015

Phisics is awesome, like Live For Speed, one of the best rF mods! Very very nice feeling ! Thanks!
alex900202 on Jan-10-2015

Originally posted by: oalithgow

why my car's engine is always braking down on the 3rd laps or so?! :/

Because 4A-Gs can't handle over 9,000RPM. Engine stress occurs and blows IRL.

Originally posted by: Piracae44

So, what's new in this version compared to version 2.0?

Meh, half of the upgrades like gearboxes and engine choice is gone. He changed the position pivot points of the models, new physics and pretty much it. Not a big improvement, imo (no offence)
The weight distribution is still FF-like front heavy when it should be 54:46 because AE86s are 53:47 as stock. He also made the 4A-G Engines to blow up earlier when pass 9,000 RPM.

I'm currently doing a "overhaul" for 2.49 with the physics, and will be more upgrades (more gearboxes haha, adjustable lateral rod, suspension set upgrade, and GT WING!). I can lap flat 1 mins on Tsukuba with the stuff I did, in which my fastest time was 59.9 on Tsukuba .
TakumiFuji01 on Jan-10-2015

So, what's new in this version compared to version 2.0?
Piracae44 on Jan-08-2015

Apologies to gonzo-kool, this mod was suppose to be released as V2.49 a few weeks ago, but something in the mod's image section cause the site to crash. We were finally able to resolve that and re-releasing it now. Thanks again for you patience.
[RFC]-Fresh! on Jan-07-2015

why my car's engine is always braking down on the 3rd laps or so?! :/
oalithgow on Nov-10-2014

Originally posted by: Zebrawire

I am a total noob at times but do fine installing tracks, but have problems sometimes with Vehicles.

Where do I copy and paste the file named "E90 Templates?"

It appears as the first file when I open the main download, "WTCC BMW E() V1.03" along with GameData, Plugins, rFM, and Readme's

I assume I have to open up every file and place them in their proper place, like GameData, has Helmets ,Sounds, Talent, Vehicles, and then open each one of those.

Please help a noob. Thank you I think I can do it, as I have had success before with Vehicles before.

"Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn sometimes."

Thank you very much. Really all I think I need to know is my first question in bold.

One more please....I long ago got rid of Real Feel and Leo's, so should I delete the "Plugin file" completely that has Leo's FFB......seems like an obvious yes, but will everything work?

Again, many grateful thanks, Roger

Templates are for liveries, cars have paint jobs like you've seen in game. Those templates (I assumed they're .PSD format) are for people who wanna make more paint jobs, so if you don't feel like to make some, simply not to copy them. And about the plugin, as long as you keep the "plugins" folder inside your rfactor root folder, you can remove everything but keep the following:


Those are for online racing, so if you remove them, your rFactor won't be able to contact with servers.
YashioFactory on Sep-16-2014

the physics update gives me strange ffb problem, when counter steering to the left it feels ok but when counter steering to the right its really heavy seems odd
barclay318 on Dec-12-2013

Bump please..little help. Thank you.
Zebrawire on Sep-23-2013

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