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AIW CAM Editor 27

By: guitarmaen

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I have created an AIW and CAM file editor for rFactor. It was originally created by RaceGT for F1C and other race sims.
I removed some parts which were not of interest for rF and improved some others. Hope it's usefull for some of you.
This tool is as it is. If you like to improve it - do it (I include the source code which is written in xbasic)

Small discription:
It has 3 edit modes: Edit waypoints, edit cameras and edit movement path.
You can only get into the last mode if you are in the 2nd mode and have a camera highlighted which has an existing movement path. If you press the h button you will get a little help screen for each of this modes which shows you the suitable keys.

For installation you have to put the xb.dll into your windows directory. There is also a little config file where you can set your track dir and the window size (not smaller than 890 x 850).

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phoebesss on Aug-20-2018


I'm already maintaining another rFactor tool; SetuComparer, I would like to continue your work.

Could you please PM me?

Thank You.
MotherDawg on Dec-22-2017

after editing way points, the track skid marks vanishes ! Why?
fpatitucci on Mar-25-2014

It doesn't seem to be a CAM editor. CAM files are containing angles, positions, ect... of cameras like cockpit or TVcockpit and so on.
Skorzeny8814 on Mar-29-2013

Thank you so much for your continued support guitarmaen.

cobragt on Dec-02-2012

Thank you Guitarmaen.

For us (poor cousins) at F1C it is extremely useful.
As a matter of fact I used it to fix or improve many .AIWs

Problem is that for us at F1C, the best version is v3.62
I don't know where to PM you and you haven't included an e-mail in your uploads.

If you read this, can I have your permission to upload your v3.50 and v3.62 at (needless to say it will be in your credit).

Thank you in advance

JimmyF on Jul-18-2012

Hey, don't know what's happening here!

I did NOT post the complain about this tool! Someone has used my account (in my company, maybe)

I have been used this soft couple of times and yes, it were very useful!

I've just changed my password, sorry por unpolite words but it was not actually me!
JorgeAbujamra on Feb-16-2012

Originally posted by: BLeeK

Can we have a fresh linky please?

If you scrolled down to the bottom of the page you'd find a link to his mediafire folder. Anyways here it is.
Latest version is 3.97
vondutch51 on Jan-13-2012

Can we have a fresh linky please?
BLeeK on Jan-04-2012

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