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ASA LateModel Series 3.10

By: GearHead Gaming and Short Track Central
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Stock Cars
Initial release: 15-Mar-07
Current release: 3.100, on 17-Sep-07

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Screenie by: nebraskadirt
Screenie by: nebraskadirt
Screenie by: ams84
Screenie by: ams84
Screenie by: ams84
Screenie by: ams84
Screenie by: nebraskadirt
Screenie by: nebraskadirt
Screenie by: nebraskadirt
Screenie by: nebraskadirt

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Here is the ASA LateModel Series for rFactor. Mod was originally created by Short Track Central, and Late Model Project originally for NR2003, converted once to NSR, then converted again to rFactor. Enjoy!!

Thanks to all who helped convert, test, and tweak this mod.
All the members from GearHead Gaming

And ofcourse all the input from the users of the mod went into this update (without feedback, you cannot make a good mod last.)

Thanks to All!!!

Update 3.1 Notes
* Physics were a little off in the 3.0 install, this has been corrected. A slight -(negative) in the HDV can really mees things up.

* With the input from the members on the rim model FPS Performance, there is 2 versions of the update.

-The Low-Poly update will have BDFords Fix with the 2.0 rims, but does have a rim texture rather than a solid color. As well as the physics update.

-The High-Poly update has the physics update and the rims that were packaged with the 3.0 Update for those who were not having FPS issues.

*All installers will self-install, with nothing needed to be done. (Exception with the Low-Poly Update..... Some Rims may still appear to be solid color, this is for the cars that have additional skins, which have separate rims. The best way to fix this is to delete the LateModel Folder in the install directory) To do this goto My Computer, C:, Program Files, rFactor, GameData, Vehicles, ASA LateModel, and delete the LateModel Folder. <---- DO THIS BEFORE INSTALLING THE LOW-POLY UPDATE!!!!!!

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Awesome and interesting article. Great things you've always shared with us. Thanks. Just continue composing this kind of post.
anasmalik on Oct-23-2018

can you do a figure 8 late model(outlaw) from the indianapolis Speedrome?
25monkeyboy on Oct-26-2017

Hey does anyone have templates for these cars? I want to make many replicas from my local short track to use on my offline series
saxonhopp on Jun-30-2015

By the way for teh people that do have permission and respect to keep this original props also SSS dont own this how can they keep it standards with out giving credit to GHG if I use these ill credit GHG for sure and leave all teh GHG logos in it casue after all GHG did this not SSS.
KIDXRATED on Mar-21-2013

This mod is currently being kept " current standards " by Stockcar Sim Series and Thunder Racing League....and is now renamed K&N Pro Series....and since GearHeadGaming merged with another league and is doing strictly iRacing, I doubt they care about this stuff haha....but anyways Id recommend checking either site, SSS is planning a 2012 version of the K&N Pro Series, with updated rosters, paint scheme's etc. As for the Templates, you will find them on TRL's Teamspeak 3....ask Niteprowler for them
(GRI) garv on Feb-24-2012

I don't expect very many people to reply to this, but I'm throwing it out there anyway. I was thinking about playing around with this mod on a Hamachi server, if anybody wants to join you can PM me and I'll give you the details. I'll only take 8 people though, if that ever happens. I don't know how well my connection will put up with it, so if anybody wants to play around, don't expect a whole lot of performance on the latency side of things. I just want to have a bit of fun with these, since I've been getting bored of the AI recently and nobody has a server going. What do you guys think?
MrAnthology on Feb-20-2012

It appears that the link to the templates for this mod is dead. Does anybody still have those lying around anywhere?
MrAnthology on Jan-29-2012

would like to get permission to update this mod if possible
wildcatzracing on Dec-17-2011

ok hate to ask this but where are the templates for this i can not find it
bandit3 on Dec-07-2011

It is a shame this mod is no longer being updated. These cars are so much fun to drive! Especially on a lot of Road Courses. They are nimble (for a full-bodied-stock car) and easy to set-up.
nebraskadirt on Jan-23-2011

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