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Airport Race 1

By: Relesys
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 28-Jul-10
Current release: 1, on 28-Jul-10

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Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys

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This circuit takes place at an airport that is located in Belgium.

The trajectory has been amended to make the race faster, because time is around an F1 car with under one minute.


Tracking changed considerably, even for the direction and length.
Now it is 2,200 meters long, with widths that are between 20 and 14 meters to do this you get the fastest lap in one minute.

The first shot would be the old configuration of the circuit, and from there I thought was slow and had the idea to extend it, but it is possible that it could be a next update to a slow track.


Additions to a new piece of circuit, now the track is 3,100 meters long, with the main straight lengthened to 1,300 meters, also has a sharp bend. The time is just under a minute with the F1 mod, and even the entry box has been moved.

Extract the two files: ............. rFactor / gamedata / location / airport race

attention must already have the folder for the first circuit Airport Race.

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releys with f1 mod cars keep crashing at first corner causing a huge pile up, forcing a safety car. What can I do to fix this? Also when the safety car is out, when thee cars who went into the pits for repairs exit the pits they only go at 10mph. Could you please fix these errors. Thnks
racefan54 on Aug-08-2010

The real runway would be shorter, is the long version of my imagination.
relesys on Aug-02-2010

Long version copied to the right folder, and works. This track also looks great.

@relesys Is this really a racetrack in real life, or did you make a fanasytrack on a real airport? If it is a fanatsy track, you could make even a better version: Where the pit is, the track is wide enough to make room for the pit and the track. So if you skip the long straight where the start finish is now, and replace this with the part of the track which goes to and from the pit, you have and even better layout.
NitroMcClean on Aug-02-2010

In fact, you have both of the circuits in the same folder Airport Race..........

@racefan54 now the track faster but reached its maximum length.
relesys on Aug-02-2010

@NitroMcClean Extract the files to rFactor / gamedata / location / airport race. must already have the folder for the first Airport Race otherwise it wont work!!!!!!
racefan54 on Aug-02-2010

The long version doesn't work on my computer. I got a mas file loading error, and a crash to desktop. The short version works fine, and looks very good, so I want that long version.
NitroMcClean on Aug-02-2010

Thanks relesys! now a truly great track
racefan54 on Aug-02-2010

Added new link to the runway lengthened to 3,100 meters.------>
relesys on Aug-02-2010

Thanks guys, but unfortunately this is the longer version there. Indeed there is another shorter version, but the time and always the same (41 seconds my best time with F1), though "maybe" I'll try to stretch but not too much.
relesys on Jul-30-2010

Great work Relesys!!! geat looking track, no fps issues, a blast to drive and set on an airport . Ive been looking for a decent airport track for ages! definite HOF!!!!!
Anyway would love to see a longer version because current layout is too short for F1 (48 secs)
Keep up great work!!!
racefan54 on Jul-30-2010

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