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Albert Park GP4 2.50

By: Frank Alexandre
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 27-Jun-06
Current release: 2.500, on 27-Mar-08

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Screenie by: mALy
Screenie by: mALy
Screenie by: markusmatthias
Screenie by: markusmatthias
Screenie by: BIGZYX50
Screenie by: BIGZYX50
Screenie by: FenderBender
Screenie by: FenderBender
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Melbourne 2.5 for Rfactor by Frank Alexandre (original GP4 modified by Caelen and Team Cason)

Whats new:

- New tree shadows
- Less bump track
- New palm trees.
- Some new textures
- Retextured with 2008 adverts
- New real TV cam by Luigi
- Anti-cut system
- Remaped road surface (bump/spec)


First, delete any previous version
Extract the new files to your root Rfactor folder.



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Latest Albert Park GP4 Comments

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Hi, I really like your map. I am pf12351, I play a game named BeamNG.Drive and am requesting permission to port this awesome map to it. May I do so?

Here is my BeamNG account: I have a high reputation with the community.
Here is BeamNG:

Thank you, pf12351.
pf12351 on Jun-06-2014

LB22 It sounds to me like you already have a different version of this track with similar naming on it somewhere it could be they are both called Albert park Gp4 or it could be another name like "event name or track name or venue name or something" on the tracks .gdb file especially if it loads up your older version when this one is also added & splock it sounds to me like the tracks .AIW file is setup to run 19 opponents only especially if your cpu & mod normally runs 21 AI opponents on every other track.
MrGeesus on Apr-01-2011

Hey, I have a problem! It appears in my rFactor track lists, but doesn't want to to load up the circuit! Please can you suggest a fix because this looks awesome and this circuit completes my list of F1 2009 tracks!
LB22 on Sep-28-2009

This is a nice track, however I can only run 19 oppnents. Selecting 20 or more oppenents results in a graphical corruption of my car and usually 1 other. I was trying to have 21 opponents for a max field of 22 F1 cars using FSONE 08 cars.

Is this something I can fix or just a limitation of the track itself? Thanks!
Splock on Sep-13-2009

Simply check to make sure that its structure is the same. IIRC it has an extra folder, so the first sub folder needs to come out to the locations directory, not just the whole thing.
smorr on Jul-10-2009

Where is the track? It is installed and does not appear in Menu.

I hope this forum is not dead.
Carzz on Jul-09-2009

aren't they used in this latest version?
muzarati on May-19-2009

Culmone 67 released an amazing texture update for this track it can be found on his official forum :
andreic1983 on Mar-24-2009

Great track, very well done. I have one question/problem. It seems that the live TV Cam on the screens around the track is causing some major issues with my setup. Basically I'm dropping about 1/2 my frames as I pass them buy, and the game goes into an almost slide-show effect until I pass them.

Is there any way to get rid of the tv feeds around the track? I've tried removing the .bik file, but that just causes a general TV_OVERLAY MISSING error and I get a CTD.

Thanks for any help!
jbt308 on Mar-22-2009

I downloaded Albert Park and it appeared to have installed correctly in the Locations directory but it does not appear in my track list when I fire up rFactor.

A screen shot of my Albert Park directories can be pulled up at

Any pointers/help would be appreciated.


juren on Mar-03-2009

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