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Aldeia da Serra 0.60

By: zeuchoa
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 27-Oct-11
Current release: 0.600, on 30-Oct-11

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Screenie by: zeuchoa
Screenie by: zeuchoa

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This in a pre-aplha version of Aldeia da Serra Kart track, located in Barueri, Brazil.
for pre-alpha 0.6 I have included a wet version.
As any pre-alpha versions there might be some bugs.
You may report them to me by PM.
Since 0.6 only brings the new wet addon, no mismatch is expected with 0.5 dry layout!
optionally, if you have 0.5 you can download only the wet version to include in the previous dry layout.
Please, check the readme file.

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This is a nearly finished version of Thruxton that I've been building on and off over the last couple of years.
newstart027 on Dec-01-2016

Tá na cara que um animal desses nunca pisou na Aldeia da Serra pra fazer uma "pista" dessas.
Felipe_Br on Feb-29-2016

Trabalhei no Google earth e a escala do S parece estar de acordo. Lembrando que trabalhei com o layout oficial.
Não sei se o "s" que vc se refere é o mesmo do layout oficial. Pode ser que você tenha tido acesso a algum traçado alternativo.

To the whole community:
I have just released a wet addon (requires the dry one)! See the links above!
You can also download pre-alpha 0.6 from from the links (they've been updated)!
Pre-alpha 0.6 has just the wet addon added, so, no mismatch with 0.5 is expected!
zeuchoa on Nov-05-2011

O 'S' antes da entrada da reta esta totalmente errado ;D
Victor74 on Nov-05-2011

I'm used to your "nice" comments about my tracks. It's always you and some 2 or 3 of your gang! I won't spare my arguments wwith you. I Think Glauter has made his point!
zeuchoa on Nov-03-2011


Do you know what "pre-alpha"? Apparently not. So stop talking nonsense.
The track was released in pre-alpha right to collect information about bugs, so that the zecuhoa make the necessary corrections.
Glauter on Nov-03-2011

I'm quite sure this is the worst track ever made for Rfactor. Sad.
Felipe_Br on Nov-02-2011

server is on!
Mod BRKart 1.1
zeuchoa on Oct-31-2011

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