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AlejandroX & ToryF1 FSOne 08 SkinPack 2

By: AlejandroX & ToryF1 and FSone

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Tory
Screenie by: Tory

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New Version 2.0

The new version have: New skins for all cars (less Super Aguri)
All bugs resolved. 2 version for single player and multi-player.
All Test drivers, ALL skins for the team they used in season.

SP = Single Player, we have All Helmet, All testers,All Skins car and IA wheel change, and Fuji Eco wheel.

MP = Multi Player, we have all helmet, all skins car and all testers. NO Wheel change for IA.

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Latest AlejandroX & ToryF1 FSOne 08 SkinPack Comments

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Could somebody please re-upload this file.

I am curious about the Eco tire. It's not in included in FSONE2008 v1.0B.
jaws4 on Oct-17-2014

hola tory y alejandro ¿ hareis lo mismo con el fsone 2009 ? hay algunos skins como el de la pretemporada de williams , skins de redbull , tororroso y mclaren , este ultimo deberia tener el patrocinador diageo en algunos circuitos , lo mismo que brawn sin patrocinio. Tambien probadores como gene en ferrari , soucek en la pretemporada de williams.

Un saludo y a ver si os animais.
rey de la pista on Oct-05-2010

Soon, on Fridays
Tory on Apr-14-2010

when come the new Links?
f1noob on Apr-13-2010

This week is going to get new links that will bring more skins and bug them.
With respect to the subject of tires to make no difference if the AI have rain tires.
Pd: We must increase the difficulty of the AI. All were tested on the slopes of WCP in the rain.

Esta semana se van a subir nuevos links que van a traer mas skins y correciones de los mismos.
Con respecto con el tema de los neumaticos si hay diferencia al poner que los AI tengan neumaticos para lluvia.
Pd: Hay que aumentar la dificultar de los AI. Todos fueron probados en las pistas de WCP bajo lluvia.
Tory on Mar-23-2010

All that tyre program does is change the texture of the tyres on the AI cars. Even though they look like they have extreme wets on they clearly don't as I am able to lap several seconds quicker than the AI!
xnixiel on Mar-16-2010

Rapidshare and Megaupload link lists (includes BMW, Honda, RBR, Renault and Toro Rosso).

  • Rapidshare Linklist
  • Megaupload Linklist
    rister on Mar-15-2010

    Some alternate links, I don't know if Williams, FI, Toyota and Ferrari are fixed yet, so those aren't uploaded. MU & RS probably coming some time.

  • BMW Sauber
  • Honda
  • Red Bull
  • Renault
  • Toro Rosso
    rister on Mar-14-2010

    Very Nice ! Great Job !!!

    An idea ? Please make a installer for these skins . you can collect complete pack of skins in one installer file . would be great ...

    Tnx again for skins
    Na100001 on Mar-11-2010

    Can anyone answer my queries about the AI and tyres?
    xnixiel on Mar-10-2010

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