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Alfa 147 Challenge 1

By: skrape
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 06-Dec-06
Current release: 1, on 06-Dec-06

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Screenie by: cococha
Screenie by: cococha
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Screenie by: nEoDaViS
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Screenie by: cococha

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Alfa 147 Challenge, original bei Team RSDG for F1 Challenge.
I was pissed about the A-modders team taking so long on their conversion of the alfa 147 cup. So i started today converting the mod by myself. The A-modders version will be a lot better than mine, but it´s good enough to fill the hole. So don´t be mad about my version, i did it in only 6 hours.
I changed a lot of stuff, and the car got a new engine and a lot of bump and spec maps. Also i added 4 new fantasy cars.
I will change the steeringwheel in the next version, the actual one is a bit to large to corect it 100%. Also i will rework the physic´s again and change a lot of things. The next version will be the only update. I did my best to convert it, but i´m a beginner and i got not much experience and time. When the a-modders team releasing their version so i will be remove this one.

But i hope it´s good enough for some little races, have fun with this.

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para todo aquel que necesite el fix para los espejos que tienen ZOOM, solo pidamelo por MP.
pablopali on May-17-2011

yo no sé porque la gente es tan perga, este mod es un caño loco, jueguenle y despues me cuentan
cococha on May-13-2009

ma che schifo la macchina dei carabinieri
zagor83 on Oct-11-2008

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