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All Car Challenge 3

By: Dave Purdy

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Aiello
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Screenie by: Kiscody

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"This new All Car Challenge Version 3, by Dave Purdy and Pain-less, addresses the issue of some recent mods that redirect some of the default paths within rFactor. In particular was the Config Override on the VehiclesDir found in some mods, which rendered previous All Car rFms ineffective, including the one from ISI that came with rFactor 1150, initially. Version 3 is here to make multi car racing possible again, even with those mods that were causing this problem." Please enjoy!

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Link not working....
samuerxico3334851 on May-14-2016

Thank you very much,and for the first screenshot,it's interlagos track in brasil country i think.
dvittael on May-13-2013

i can i get this mod for rfactor 1.225?
can u explainme how can i play with all my mods? please!
nikangel92 on Dec-16-2012

This thing never works, just keep getting MAS errors.
husam on May-03-2012

dead link
chris1450 on Apr-11-2012

Link here
Toskoforce on Jun-11-2011

i would like to grab a copy of the 3.0 version posted here but it seems the one and only ftp link to the download is buggered for some reason. If anyone could provide me with an alternate download link to the 3.0 version of the mod (or just simply the code from the .rfm) I would be most appreciative.
radracer256 on Jun-09-2011

I don't know, might be a private mod ^^

But I have a question... I'm was trying to do a Legends Of Motorsport day at Mont-Tremblant with F1 cars and another one with GTs and Prototypes cars... Thing is, the F1 1988 mod and CSGT 1970 mod doesn't work... The thing with the MAS file pop up in the loading screen and the cars are invisible on the track... Hope to have a fix for this, thank you for this "Addon"
Vette4Life on Jan-22-2011

Hi all !! Can someone tell me please where do i get that hot rod from 1st picture. Thank you !!
flo9ryn on Jan-14-2011

What mod are the rally cars on screen, please?
luky81 on Dec-13-2010

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