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Alsace Summer Grand Prix 1

By: PLeonhart
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 03-Aug-11
Current release: 1, on 11-Aug-11

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Screenie by: PLeonhart
Screenie by: PLeonhart
Screenie by: PLeonhart
Screenie by: PLeonhart
Screenie by: PLeonhart
Screenie by: PLeonhart
Screenie by: PLeonhart
Screenie by: PLeonhart
Screenie by: PLeonhart
Screenie by: PLeonhart

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Fictional track, situated in the french region of Alsace. All the environment is based in real GPS data.


Totally new AIW file; AI is now very fast and agressive

HR textures for track, grass, kerbs... (be sure to use maximum setting or it will appear wrong)

New starting grid and finish line

Cinematic and cool new cameras

Animated objects (Helicopter from TV, balloon, cranes...)

Improved lighting for 24 hour races

Hope you enjoy it! Cheers!

I recommend deleting the old track before installing this new one

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The long awaited release of the Dirt Works Designs Super and Crate Late Models are available now in the downloads section.
newstart027 on Dec-28-2016

cccccc6666 on Jul-08-2012

Link has been updated
[RFC]-Fresh! on Jul-05-2012

Download link?
cccccc6666 on Jul-04-2012

Could you reupload v. 1.0? All links are down!
nandorock80 on Feb-01-2012

haha - look at the scenery. Good job. Won me over - I d/l now. Some nice winding country roads through those mountains next?
the_last_name_left on Aug-12-2011

Please download the v 1.0 version, it improves so much the old one
PLeonhart on Aug-12-2011

nice track, AI is slow and brakes where is not supposed to, I changed the loading screen 'cause could not stand her knees...
vis on Aug-05-2011

I'm downloading this track just because the scenery looks so fantastic. Nice job.
mcb52 on Aug-04-2011

Thank you This is a great track & very good on the FPS, The scenery is excellent, Looking forward to the update Thank you....
asta la vista on Aug-03-2011

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