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Amaroo 1996 2

By: Bud Lucas and Hingo
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 09-Jul-08
Current release: 2, on 09-Jul-08

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Screenie by: hingo
Screenie by: hingo
Screenie by: hingo
Screenie by: hingo
Screenie by: hingo
Screenie by: hingo
Screenie by: Prozac32
Screenie by: Prozac32
Screenie by: Prozac32
Screenie by: Prozac32

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

A conversion from GPL to rFactor
Version 1.0 completed Jan. 14, 2008
Version 2.0 completed Jul. 5, 2008

Original Track Author: Sergio Loro and Doc Roberto
Conversion by Bud Lucas using 3D SimEd
Version 2.0 Release by David Hingston (Hingo)
Tree Textures by Neil Faichney (Krunch)
All other version 2.0 textures and changes by David Hingston (Hingo)

Track Info:

Amaroo Park Raceway provides great, close and challenging racing. The track features dramatic elevation changes with a great combination of fast and slow corners. Unfortunatly the real circuit has been converted into a suburb of Sydney. The land that this track sits on is now almost non unrecognisable. Oran Park will soon face the same fate. Thankfully there are creative people who help these tracks live on in simulation.

There are 8 pit spots and each has three garages so a total of 24 cars can be raced.

Remember this is a GPL conversion and therefore should be considered as such. I understand this may not be up to every sim racer's standard, but the physical layout, billboards and raceability are intended to be close to the original circuit.

Version 2.0 Changes:

Almost every texture has been changed from version 1.0. This includes:
- Track Surface
- Grass
- Dirty track edges
- Billboards
- Buildings
- Walls (Tyres, Concrete and Armco)
- Trees (by Neil Faichney (Krunch))

All textures are higher in resolution.

The dust problem has been fixed and the side of the track used to have a sand/gravel consitency when a wheel touched it, now it acts the same as grass. Now putting a wheel off the edge of the track is not so punishing.

Shadows have been enabled on buildings and billboards

Objects Removed
VW Combi vans that were littered around the track have been removed as well as the groups of people dangerously standing on the edge of the track. Corner distance markers have been removed.


All DX levels have been tested, but work was done using the DX9 setting so there might be problems at lower settings, not all video cards perform the same.

There are holes around the track eges and in the center of the track. This does not affect racing at all, but viewing the track at certain angles will reveal gaps. Remember this track was originally a GPL conversion and is not necessarily up to the 100% rFactor standards.

Track night lighting has not been activated but vision during night races is still good.

Recommend the 'Track Default' race starting time be used, you will find it between 11:30 PM and 12:00 AM under the Customize/Settings/Race tabs once the game is started.


Thanks to Bus Lucas for allowing me to release a newer version of this track. His willingness to allow people to modify and improve his tracks is much appreciated. As Bud said in the version 1.0 readme, "Everyone is welcome to improve the tracks, I only ask that you share any improvements with the rest of us".

Thanks to Neil Faichney for allowing me to use the Tree textures as seen in Eastern Creek and Mt Panorama. These trees blended in much better with my grass textures and instantly mad this track feel Australian.

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dummybakeapie on Jan-10-2019

Hello. I want to ask for permission to convert this track, to old F1C game. Thanks you very much in advance. Regards.
JALNERVION on Sep-09-2013

Anybody know how to fix the pit lights as they do not work ?
Twest on Dec-24-2010

Downloaded Amaroo 1996 by Bud Lucas and Hingo. Having a ball throwing the old tourers (TCL) around the back of the Amaroo track, and the replays bring back old memories. Thanks for the upload guys.
Astra on Sep-23-2009

I apologise for attaching the Coffs pictures to your track, we have been trying to get this track released for over 2 weeks now and no one at Central seems to be paying any attention. I posted them to try and get some attention paid. There have been a bunch of other tracks released but Coffs is being ignored, why? You send emails, no reply. You submit stuff, nothing appears and when you query it, no reply. What is going on around here? Does anyone work here or monitor stuff? This is NOT how Central used to be or should be, rather poor. This is supposed to be the central repository for rFactor, useless if you can't get stuff listed.
PvtStash on Jun-12-2009

Nice cars.

Any chance of showing us the track now?
zarker99 on Feb-07-2009

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