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Ariake 0.10

By: Shinka and LSB-ON x ISGT
Origin: Extension | Fantasy
Category: Temporary Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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The circuit, though set as fantasy, is set on the real roads in Ariake and Odaiba area. Ariake is known hosting big events (mostly related to anime culture) in Tokyo Big Sight.

Although the main version will feature some Itasha-ic designs since the location's nature. I'am also consider to release a texture pack for people may not like animation, which the animation production boards will be replaced as automobile and something more ordinary.

LSB-ON x ISGT team especially webmaster E.Yamamoto (izukon).
She had assisted me a lot especially on artworks including replacing my "inferior" logo to a more "advanced" one. Will be hosting the 1st ISGT Super GT Final if finshed on time.

Scratch made by 3d studio max and 3dsimed.

Track Length:7.1km
Left Turns: 5(excl.Chicane)
Right Turns:8 (excl.Chicane)

Current progress: 10%
Texture-Track: Ready
Modeling-Track: Home Straight and Grand Stand
Trackside objects: Not started


Note: The track should be "Scratch" but the system somehow displayed as "Extension". If RFC saw it please correct this ;)

Discussion thread (Need registeration):

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What happened to this project?
drakeonyou on Dec-25-2010

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