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Armaroli WorldCup 1.05

By: Armaroli
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 01-Feb-06
Current release: 1.050, on 06-Aug-06

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Screenie by: 0427
Screenie by: 0427

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This is the official mod for Armaroli SimRacing WorldCup. A Country-based setup, $1000 Prizemoney and Live broadcast of the races via internet.

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372/500 (1938 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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Realistic Damage
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Car Skins

There are currently no car skins available for Armaroli WorldCup. If you are a painter you can share skins for this mod via the Car Skins area. Visit the Spray Booth for painting tips & tricks.

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In the off line mode there are only 20 cars. How can I increase de number of cars?
Pahl on Jan-28-2011

Is this dead???
lawndartleo on Jan-05-2011

would love to try this too
links don't work and registration at racesimulations doesn't work either
help please
hallenstein on Nov-30-2010

I would like to download this mod to try it out again. Unfortunately the link above me doesnt work as well. Does anybody still have the Armaroli mod?
LizardFolk on Nov-19-2010

soory, but someone could send me another link, the one over me doesnt work
zegarek on Oct-28-2010

UGLY??? what Ugly cars???

I truly think they look awesome.

The only downside i see is the audio.

The car sounds reminds me of an unloaded car sound on track
-=[FDG]=-Stitch. on Apr-25-2010

Only 13MB as a full release, are you kidding me? Anyway I gotta have it a try!
YashioFactory on Apr-22-2010

i perosnaly don't think the cars are that bad looking but thats debatable. They are great fun to drive and since there is no a1 gp mod on here (im not sure if theres one in progress) this is the closest thing. Nice mod
anthot2 on Oct-27-2009

These are some of the ugliest cars I've ever seen...but they sure are fun to drive!!
Nick30 on Feb-16-2009

Awesome! great you have also Finland in here. HOF --->
Kalmanen on Jan-17-2009

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