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Aston Martin Lola DBR1-2 1.01

By: Diromo
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Prototype
Initial release: 03-Dec-10
Current release: 1.010, on 03-Dec-10

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Screenie by: maxiteto
Screenie by: maxiteto
Screenie by: maxiteto
Screenie by: maxiteto
Screenie by: titi63
Screenie by: titi63
Screenie by: [RFC]-Fresh!
Screenie by: [RFC]-Fresh!
Screenie by: Diromo
Screenie by: Diromo

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Aston Martin Lola DBR1-2

Aston Martin Lola DBR1-2 mod, originally created for SimBin “GTR2” game, is bringing one of the most missing cars to the simulation. This conversion give you the chance to simulate endurance racing experience while driving Aston Martin Lola DBR1-2 in rFactor!

This modification is also compatible with “Série Internationale Du Mans” (also known as ILMS) mod.

In this mod are included:
#007 AMR ALMS 2010 (Sebring livery, P1 class) – (“10307AS_DBR1-2” skin);
#007 AMR ALMS 2010 (Long Beach livery, LMP class)*** – (“10207AL_DBR1-2” skin);
#007 AMR 24H Le Mans 2010 – (“10107LM_DBR1-2” skin);
#008 Signature Plus 24H Le Mans 2010 – (“10108LM_DBR1-2” skin);
#008 Signature Plus LMS 2010 – (“10208LS_DBR1-2” skin);
#008 Signature Plus LMS 2010 (Spa livery) – (“10308SS_DBR1-2” skin);
#009 AMR 24H Le Mans 2010 – (“10109LM_DBR1-2” skin);
#009 AMR LMS 2010 – (“10209LS_DBR1-2” skin).
*** - this car also have black livery for tests (in skins section)

All included versions of Lola DBR1-2 have working headlights, brakelights, side LEDs and numbers, which glow in dark. Moreover glowing numbers can be painted with car skin, so players can paint favourite livery and use it in game with own number (for example “777”, “001” etc.). If player don’t like glowing numbers, they can use basic lights, without glowing numbers (with side LEDs):
- use black alpha channel with white numbers in **** & **** files if you want glowing numbers.
If you leave car skin without ***, ..... , **** files, car will use default textures from mas archive (without glowing number).

Textures for side numbers:
- – left number (lights off);
- – left number (lights on);
- – right number (lights off);
- – right number (lights on);
(“YourCarSkinName” comes from VEH file: DefaultLivery="" ).

Faces for number glow in lights *.gmt files are same size (and at same place) as red square on 008LM skin – so only there you can paste own number. By using “Vehicle Viewer” you can adjust numbers and number glow position in main skin and in extra6, extra7 files. Textures for numbers glow are ~2.0 times biger than square with number on main car skin.

This mod contains two versions of tyre textures – Michelin and Dunlop. Use these lines in VEH file:
- GenString=1 if you want to use Michelin;
- GenString=2 if you want to use Dunlop.

This mod contains working mirrors in cockpit view. The drivers don't see left mirror when they are behind the wheel (with default cams) and internal mirror is not included.

This mod equiped with original physics. Physics, maded in collaboration with “Carpe Noctem Design Group” to match well-know “Série Internationale Du Mans“ mod (also known as ILMS) will come later.

Aston Martin Lola DBR1-2 modification use these textures:
- – main vehicle skin;
- – main vehicle skin (most for carbon fibre parts);
- – cockpit & mirrors skin;
- – window banner (visible from cockpit);
- – driver suit;
- – left side number glow;
- – right side number glow;
- – drivers helmet;
- – windows (external skin);
- – rear wing.
(“YourCarSkinName” comes from VEH file: DefaultLivery="" ).
Templates can be downloaded from NoGripRacing page (link is provided below). Use body1.psd template for main skin, body2.psd for extra1 skin and windows.psd for window skin. You can also use skins, painted for original mod, just rename skin files properly.

Copy all folders (except “Compatibility”) from zip archive to main rFactor folder.

Delete fallowing files and folders:
- delete DBR1_2.rFm & DBR1_2_logo.TGA from rFm folder;
- delete DBR1_2 folder from GameDataHelmets folder;
- delete DBR1_2 folder from GameDataVehicles folder;
- delete AM_LOLA folder from GameDataSounds folder.

Special thanks (for permissions & support) and all credits goes to authors of original Aston Martin Lola DBR1-2 mod for GTR2:
GutZ – modeling, mapping and file structure;
Ghanja – textures, renders, templates;
Gatsby – AMR driver and helmet texture;
71GTO – sounds.
I want to thank “Carpe Noctem Design Group” (in front with Tim Collier) for permission, to use some “Série Internationale Du Mans” mod files. Also big thanks to ChaosZero, Mgs_ita and Jolo for support, help and advice.

Special thanks goes to my fellows, who helped me on the way with tests, screens and etc.: TJC, NCIS, Evo Monkey and aceofdaplace.

- All files, included in this mod (including 3D files, textures, sounds, physics and all other files), are property of Diromo, GutZ, Ghanja, 71GTO, Gatsby and Carpe Noctem Design Group.
- Conversion on other platforms (also using in other modifications, packs and etc.) are forbidden, unless you get an authorisation from Diromo, GutZ, Ghanja, 71GTO, Gatsby and Carpe Noctem Design Group.
- This mod may not be profited from commercially by a third party.
- Use this modification at your own risk. I (Diromo) and authors of original mod will not be taken responsible for losses or damages resulting from the use of this modification. Don‘t forget – it was made by non professional artists and could have some issues.

For full ReadMe see ReadMe file inside archive :)

Preview on Youtube:
Templates by Ghanja:

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Love It! Thanks Question for anyone. How do I put drivers names on the teams with no driver showing up?
margator on Jan-18-2012

great great mod job well done my friend
1two3four on Mar-07-2011

is there any way to make the rest of the car glow with the paint? i just thought of a brilliant TRON livery.
nome66 on Mar-06-2011

Are there any skins for the 2009 LeMans / LMS versions available?
Or could maybe somebody make them?
Thanks in advance.
X5 494 on Jan-01-2011

Some find on youtube (not by me): You can watch there sound mod in use also download link is provided in description. Be sure to check that out!
Diromo on Dec-21-2010

To much channels to export(5).

Go under layers (i think) and Flatten Image.
Then run the convert.
Your Photoshop is saying the file is essentially to big for your system, sometimes you can convert smaller files without having to Flatten but I find on the bigger car files i have to Flatten first.

maximark on Dec-14-2010

Got similar error, while working with templates overall, not only with thous for Astons. I just copy finished RGB layers to "donor" dds file, or saved as png, and later as dds I think, don't remember exactly how I avoid that.
Diromo on Dec-10-2010

ah okay no prob, it was just an idea. But anyway your cars are really great like to dirve them already made my own one by using the templates.But always when i want to save the psd file to a dds photoshop give me an error: To much channels to export(5). Do you know to fix this ?? rmail me if ya know thx
Dj Noize on Dec-09-2010

They don't work with conversions. And they don't like "quality" gap between this one and whole Enduracers mod. Resume - got finger from them, and I'm happy on my own.
Diromo on Dec-09-2010

Hey diromo why dont you think about asking enduracers for a coopertion with them. Your cars fit way better to the endu mod than to the ilms mod.
But great cars anyway, they look amazing
Dj Noize on Dec-09-2010

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