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Attia Stadt Grand Prix 1.10

By: Rodrrico
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 12-Feb-13
Current release: 1.100, on 30-May-13

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: Rodrrico
Screenie by: Rodrrico
Screenie by: Rodrrico
Screenie by: Rodrrico

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Attia Stadt GP is an entirely fictional circuit set near the borders of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Consisting of 17 turns, Attia Stadt Grand Prix is a clockwise circuit of medium and high speed. With four long bursts of power, you will race at significant speed through the city, and surrounding mountainous terrain.

Many of the corners are unforgiving and will catch out dozens of drivers who dare to push their cars beyond their limitations. Attia Stadt is the sort of track that rewards those who grit their teeth tight over a lap of pleasure or pain. Those who can master the corners will certainly start the Attia GP on the front row. However for those who push even the slightest beyond their abilities will be punished with a ruined car.

If you enjoy racing my circuits, please consider donating just a little to my PayPal. it often takes me a great deal of time and effort to make these tracks for free for the community. Thank you for your consideration and be sure to enjoy Attia Stadt Grand Prix.

- Initial release

- Modified AIW path (only slightly), to reduce corner cutting frequency
- Fix PIT EXIT, now exit without holes / errors
- minor texture adjustments
- minor object position adjustments

If you enjoy racing on my tracks, please consider making any small donation to my paypal on my blog. It often takes me a long time to make these circuits for the community.
Thank you

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RFE version is the same as the regular one, except the weather selection is available also on pre-race, career and multiplayer options pages.
newstart027 on Oct-19-2016

It always annoyed me that at one track I would win by miles, up to over a lap ahead of the AI's, at another be able to pass an AI on a corner only to have them zoom back past on the next straight, then at another just watch the AI's disappear into the distance.

So by altering settings in the aiw & gdb I hope to make each track fair, challenging, consistent & balanced & adjust any minor car/garage errors I can, 90+ tracks so you can use as many as you like in an rfm.

In the aiw I adjusted the fueluse setting if needed to make the Fuel/lap ratio more correct, so you can put enough fuel in for qualifying & the race (my corrections are normally within 2 laps of a full tank).
set the worst adjust to 0.8 (rf default), set mid adjust to 0.9 (rf default), set best adjust to 1.0 (rf default) (while I adjust the grip level for AI drivers using AIDryGrip in the gdb file) then increase it to 1.1 (Which makes the AI's about 3 - 6 secs faster per lap in qualifying)

In the gdb I remove any attrition setting as many tracks already have it built in & adjust the garage depth if needed, remove the QualifyDuration & QualifyLaps so these can be controlled from the rfm file, normal duration of 40mins & 6 laps for qualifying, any tracks that have the laps reduced to 3 is because more than 40% of AI's fail to set a lap time in 6 laps(this prevents them from leapfroging to the front of the grid when qualifying ends), any tracks that have 4 or 7 laps is because when either an AI breaksdown or the player ends their qualifying 2 laps are added to the total instead of just 1.
Add AIDryGrip & increase the setting until the fastest AI in the same car as I use to set my fastest lap time possible on a test day, is about 1 - 4 secs slower (depending on the track length & type) in weekend race qualifying (this allows for the AI's only driving at 90% - 95% of normal season Qualifying pace & allows for the 3 - 6 sec faster time when bestadjust is increased to 1.1).
I then do a test race so I can do any fine tuning to the AI grip settings.As all tracks are different & some track makers already give the AI's extra grip there is not one easy grip setting that will work for all tracks, so is a matter of trial & error.

I could do with feedback on the settings, so if anyone would like to try the street tracks I have done, then contact me . The tracks I have completed are in Australia & the Far east, 4 tracks over 10Km(marathons) & America these rar files are 3Mb & contain only the aiw & gdb files, so if you do not already have the tracks, you would need to download the original, then overwrite the aiw & gdb, I've made it so you can install in the same way as any mod. These settings were done using cars from the HotHatch mod by Murph, so hopefully should be ok for other car mods.

I am still working on tracks in Europe, so will contact anyone who has kindly tested the tracks as it is completed & should be about 4-5Mb.
Lockinvar on Jan-11-2014

Don't show this track to Herman Tilke. I hate seeing grown men cry.

Beautiful work!!

Thank you again Rodrrico!!
RRrumbLE on Jun-01-2013

Thanks for the update and for fixing the issue with the pit exit
Much appreciated.

EDIT: For anyone interested in seeing Rodricco's fantastic track in action, you can find a race vid on this track here (from version 1.0):

Race vid

I've also added a hot lap from that race on the same YT channel:

cutback73 on May-30-2013

Great track, 1 minor error I've noticed, at the end of the long back straight the corner has two 150 metre warnings instead of a 150 & a 100.
Lockinvar on Apr-14-2013

That's quick driving TopSpeeder. I could never do a track like this in a car like that - there would be carnage!

Rodricco - doesn't matter if and when you get time to do any patch. And there's nothing much to patch anyways as its pretty damn good already. We can wait...

...for a while at least lol...

As long as it takes actually - study is more important right Good luck with your studies!
cutback73 on Feb-23-2013

I know but it's very hard to control. That was at least 15 tries to even get a hot lap (I crashed too much).
TopSpeeder on Feb-19-2013

That was fast! I can see that you could probably shave another second to 1.5 seconds off your time. You lost a little time in the second-last and last corner and also coming down the hill you had a minor lockup, but still very fast - even if the mod is very unconventional
rodrrico on Feb-19-2013

Here is a link for the VCR, if you wish, copy it to your rF folder\ReplayFridge\Replays and watch it.
TopSpeeder on Feb-19-2013

Originally posted by: rodrrico

Originally posted by: TopSpeeder

Hello! I made a 1:12 time with a custom mod [IMG][/IMG] Anyways, your 1:14.xx time was one of the hardest record to break, because the track is very tight for those ~380kph speeds, so it challenged me a lot. So I can only say: Keep up with great job!

1min12secs!!! That is lightning fast! How did you get that fast?! The F1 car I used with a custom setup would max out at 313kph. That is amazing speed. Well done indeed. Now can we please see a video of this? [IMG]i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif" border="0[/IMG]

Wasn't really hard, my modified car did 410 kph at the back straight. Once I will release that car mod, but it needs more improve.
TopSpeeder on Feb-19-2013

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