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Australian Karting 0.10

By: Two-Nine Mod Team
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Hey guys,

I race karts here in Aus,

Making a mod based around Australian Karting, hence the name.

I want to include the following classes, Junior Light, Junior Heavy, Junior Clubman, Senior Light (Same physics as Junior Heavy), Senior Heavy, Clubman Light (Same physics as Junior Clubman), Clubman Heavy and Formula100.

Some classes might be dropped as we may not be able to find people to test the class to give feedback. But I can do Junior Light, Junior Heavy/Senior Light, Junior Clubman/Clubman Light and Formula100...

Any willing to contribute to this mod please contact me via MSN or Email...


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Is this still being worked on?
if so, please try and include Lismore Kart Club
joostin28 on Feb-02-2011

This still being worked on?
jnl.42 on Mar-31-2010

hey just wondering if there will be any australian tracks
wouldnt mind seeing the nanango go kart track
bullzye7 on Jan-31-2010

good to c this mob is wizzing along at 100 mile an hour..............
Motorsports aus on Dec-27-2009

sounds great i can test junior light and would be willing to do any beta besting also
marlon3 on Nov-16-2009

YOU MUST DO ORANGE RACEWAY. EPIC TRACK. Has at least 25 metre gradient diff from high point to low so good plz do
aussief1nut on Apr-05-2009

any progress?
marlon3 on Apr-05-2009

yeah i reckon bringing in clutches will be good.
lots of people complain, but after your first race when you spin out and keep going you will be happy!
would be great if we got the mod to happen!
btw what happened to kartsim??
iamsa8 on Mar-09-2009

i have been racing clubman heavy for 3 years and would love to help beta test one must have track is dubbo (lincon county raceway) it the best track iv been 2 so far and id also give a mention to orange kart track, and my home track of albury would be nice but not needed. as a topic of discussion wat do u guys think of the clutch issue
aussief1nut on Mar-09-2009

Are these going to be run on dirt? Or are they made for asphault? oval or circut??? Plz let me know, thnx!
SLIDER99 on Dec-28-2008

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