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Austrian Grand Prix 1

By: 1234xela1
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 03-Jul-11
Current release: 1, on 04-Jul-11

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Screenie by: 1234xela1
Screenie by: 1234xela1

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I can be sure that will be my better track published

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Track Layout
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Facilities (Pits, Grid etc)
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Realistic Track Surface
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Austrian grand prix the racing car and team that is supported by the red bull company who make the energy drinks. With the locally races these cars never come and on the races of the website to launching these cars come for the some shows
rohyx on Oct-04-2018

each time I load the circuit, shoot me an error. Upload a update ...

fix or not ..
cokemaster on Jan-06-2013

This should be a Beta not a 1.0. Grid error (the cars don't line up). Pit error (10 cars in a 30 car spread piled on top of one another) + AI terrible. Sorry to be so critical, but this is really not a 1.0.
rodrrico on Aug-29-2011

The 1.1 Version will be published on september because I'm on holydays
1234xela1 on Jul-14-2011

Very, very good track
but AI very, very slow, slower than in other circuits.
I hope 1.1 version!
cccccc6666 on Jul-13-2011

Please don't rate only seeing the video
also donwload the circuit and play it and then rate
because the video dosen't show how is the circuit
and the problem of the AI in rfactor it isn't but in the video yes maybe is because the administrator made it bad
thank you all for rate and download the video
1234xela1 on Jul-07-2011

A nice track, looks like it's set on the Donauinsel. Will some more track and location specific trackside objects be created and placed?
dh_vetmed on Jul-05-2011
except the AI
Clone on Jul-05-2011

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