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AutoStox Bangers 0.20

By: Kye Hill Modding and MJC Modding
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Stock Cars
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Kye Hill Modding
Screenie by: Kye Hill Modding

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

2 Litre Bangers,Unlimited Bangers,Micro Bangers...
A Mod From Kye Hill Modding And MJC Modding...
Beta Release When Our Facebook Page Hits 100 Likes...

When We Release The Full Version ONLY Auto-Stox Online Racing League Will Have Permission To Use It.


Cars So Far Are...

Ford Ka
Renault Clio
Austin Mini
Austin Mini Limo
Nissan Micra

2 Litre:
Honda Civic
Ford Escort MK1
Ford Focus
Ford Capri MK3

Chevy 57
Chevy 60 Special
FX4 Taxi
Volvo 850
Jaguar XJ40
Vauxhall Omega
Lincoln Towncar Limo
Toyota Previa

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Technically this mod shouldnt be on here, it clearly stated that only blah blah league will have persmission to use it, which would put it PRIVATE. I also know for fact that was is in this mod is taken from another, along with some content I was involved in on the development side. I was also informed by Kye Hill of Kye Hill Modding that he will use what he wants, how he wants and when he wants, verbally on MY teamspeak. he has also posted it on FB chat his intentions to use other peoples work for his own work as he sees fit. Now the crappy drama part is, Kye was a member or a few banger leagues, using various Banger Mods and has been kicked out or banned from everywhere but his own place.
I do know the models he is using are the same ones I helped for another banger series, I have the exact pieces as his, and Auto-Stox does NOT have permissions to use them from anybody involved in making and developing the models. This wanna be mod NEEDS to be removed from rFc and this user needs to be banned from rFc for his blatant disreguard for rFactor modding community respect.
Eagleman on Mar-13-2015

numbnut on Mar-12-2015

there is an rfactor banger mod out already, just not on rfc, it can be found if you google RAM bangers
numbnut on Mar-12-2015

I couldn't care if it's stolen, just a banger mod for r-factor since it seems the other one isn't gonna be coming around anytime soon.
rossi2123 on Mar-11-2015

stolen models, stolen physics and he reckons he paid for the stuff in the first place, biggest liar i have encountered in a long time, as for his league having sole permission to use it i dont think so, how can you advertise on a public mod site that your mod is not for the public, no too intelligent are you!!! rfactor moderators need to remove this filth soon to not tarnish others work in my opinion
numbnut on Mar-11-2015

thieving little **** would be ok if the mod was any good but rather than spend time making a decent mod you steal someone else s mod ,online racing works on respect and trust looks like auto stox or there creator kye hill has neither
bangers on Mar-11-2015

Thieving Little *****.
Cockstep on Mar-10-2015

Just what we need another half arsed banger mod with stolen 3d models
need4speed on Dec-08-2014

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