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Autodromo Elias Cabello Bosch 2

By: Mai
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 24-Mar-10
Current release: 2, on 24-Mar-10

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Screenie by: Three Days
Screenie by: Three Days
Screenie by: Three Days
Screenie by: Three Days
Screenie by: Three Days
Screenie by: Three Days
Screenie by: Three Days
Screenie by: Three Days

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Version 2.0:
This version should really have been called v.1.1, but Bob's Track Builder does not accept a '1.1' when you export, so I decided to call it v.2.0. Oh, and I also tried to optimise the FPS and reduce the file size.


Fantasy track located in Padul, Granada, in the south of Spain. It is a tribute to Elías Cabello Bosch, who passed away in 2009. A group of friends of his from Padul thought that the best possible tribute that could be given to a motorsport-loving friend would be to create a track in his name, so they got in touch with me and we starting working on it.

It's my first track, so easy on the comments, please. :). I have to say that I have gone more for making sure the layout is fun and challenging than for finding the most immersive and realistic experience, basically because my track design skills are still a bit under par.

Thanks go to Piddy, for creating BTB, the tool I'd been dreaming of since I was a toddler, all the folks at for their XPacks and advice, the people at for their support and feedback and the people at for allowing me to be part of an incredible community of online racers.

This is version 1.0, but I've already thought about changes for upcoming versions. Now I just have to find the time. And there's the tricky bit!


Circuito inventado que se encuentra en Padul, Granada, en el sur de España. Es un tributo a Elías Cabello Bosch, que falleció en el 2009. Un grupo de amigos suyos de Padul se puso en contacto conmigo para rendirle el homenaje que merece un buen aficionado a las carreras, y con ello nos pusimos a trabajar en el circuito.

Es mi primer circuito, así que no os paséis con los comentarios, por favor :). A decir verdad, he intentado centrarme más en hacer un circuito divertido y con variedad de curvas que en conseguir una experiencia que resulte tremendamente realista, más que nada porque mis conocimientos en esto del modelado de circuitos todavía dejan un poco que desear.

Muchas gracias a Piddy por crear Bob's Track Builder, la herramienta con la que llevaba soñando desde que era un enano, a todos los de por sus XPacks y su ayuda, a por su apoyo y por probar el circuito y a por permitirme ser parte de una increíble comunidad de pilotos virtuales.

Esta versión es la 1.0, pero ya tengo pensados algunos cambios para las siguientes versiones. Ahora sólo tengo que encontrar algo de tiempo, ¡que va a ser lo más complicado!

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Google is great to use

Slobbeman on Dec-22-2014

all 2.0 links are dead
zerodownforce on Dec-22-2014

Your layout is fun and challenging and also immersive. Great effort, especially for a first track. I really like this track, you have done a great job. I look forward to your next track. Well done and thank you.
GS23 on Feb-01-2011

Very Good! Thx for your job!
lachiavica on Jan-31-2011

Impresionante Mai, una pasada de circuito! Me ha encantado! Abrazos
maldiniteam on Sep-27-2010

Thanks for the support, everyone!! Really encouraging and appreciated!! (Mai)
Three Days on Mar-26-2010

Wow you have a winner here love the tack. Roger 5s across the board frome me.
Rogenater on Mar-25-2010

Good work Mai , It´s a great track .
vxctor on Mar-24-2010

Very well done Mai, for a first track it is quite impressive .... congrats Bro.
Bud Lucas on Mar-24-2010

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