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Autodromo Municipal de Cabrero 3

By: MrOblongo
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 23-Feb-12
Current release: 3, on 26-Jul-12

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Screenie by: MrOblongo
Screenie by: MrOblongo

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The Autodromo Municipal de Cabrero is a Chilean asphalt track located in Cabrero, VIII Region del Biobio. The asphalt date back to 2007. In 2009 some regional championship races were ran in the venue but with bad response from the pilots, used to run in gravel circuits of the region.

Today the circuit is gaining popularity and regional championship races take place regulary with various categories.

--------------UPDATE 3.0------------------------

Complete redone of the track, now features a much more realistic circuit.

Sorry, still no AIW.

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newstart027 on Nov-08-2016

this track good for drifting...thanks
nismo34 on Aug-05-2012

Te quedó genial.La encuentro muy buena para hacer Drift.
Muchas gracias
D1gp_JS_Joker on Jul-29-2012

Im still trying to work it out but just cant get the program to work for some reason . And with BTB is difficult.
MrOblongo on Jul-26-2012

It is a nice track, but why not have a proper AIW? A lot of rfactor drivers, race offline.
erwin greven on Jul-26-2012

"Oh, this track is intended for Multiplayer. The AI driveline is not properly made. "

Then it shouldn't have been released. Yet.
Raido1 on Feb-27-2012

Nice little drift course!
autodieb on Feb-26-2012

Oh, this track is intended for Multiplayer. The AI driveline is not properly made.
MrOblongo on Feb-24-2012

muy buena mauri como siempre
xr05 on Feb-24-2012

Muy buena pista, ya corri en ella y es muy entretenida, muy parecida a la real !
mccamper on Feb-23-2012

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