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Autodromo Nazionale del Saponaro 2

By: Relesys
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 27-May-10
Current release: 2, on 10-Sep-10

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Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys

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Circuit characterized by a length of 5 km made of ups and downs without exceeding too, with a fast corner angle of 20 ° with 4 them in rapid succession.


Added new link to download the reverse, where the view of the landscape changes a lot in some parts of the circuit.

Perhaps for me the best version to play with AI to max, the race is very funny!

Install: extract the two files in the folder C / Program Files / rFactor / GameData / Location / Autodromo Nazionale del Saponaro.

----------------------VOL 2.0--------------------------------

Updated to version 2.0, with significant changes include grass, trees, asphalt, AIW and CAM.

E 'was added much vegetation without any shadow (for the game) and many other articles covering the sponsors, bridges and box were rivisti.L' only negative is that we have moved from the old circuit that was only 50 MB That's what became 120 mb but after all it's worth

INSTALLATION pull in game dates / location if required overlays everything.

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Definitely it is the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez in Mexico City, the 5 Km. track. This is NOT a fantasy track!!! I might as well make a layout much like Monza and name it Autódromo Nacional del Santo Remedio and release it as fantasy. BAH!
RaulV on Jul-01-2012

We raced this track in GTL version at my club Simjunkies. Everybody liked it a lot and the flow of corners is very good. We drove both directions, I found normal direction was best.
Then we changed our Friday night league to Power&Glory for GTR2 and then I saw the load screen and only then I realized I knew this track, Mexico and then I understood the flow in the flat.
I couldn't believe how much the track changes with elevations and new surroundings, both in `gtl and GTR2. I want to compliment both Relesys for such a brilliant idea and making optimal use of the character of the corners!!!!!!! And also thank Neel Jani for his wonderful version for GTR2. Thanks guys, you create joy! Compliments from everybody at Simjunkies.
CasparR on Feb-06-2012

This is the circuit of Mexico City !!

toribio on Jan-16-2011

Released version 2.0 with major changes.
relesys on Oct-24-2010

I just started to improve this circuit to bring it to version 2.0. The circuit will not change but everything is changing back with new asphalt, grass, trees, guard rails etc etc. .. to early release.
relesys on Oct-20-2010

Added new link to download the reverse.
relesys on Jun-08-2010

Very nice track, thank you for sharing
mianiak on May-30-2010

I had the track but when th game is loading "error loading sky.mas file" how can I do?
mosconi.germano on May-30-2010

he problem of the box I knew already but it left so even if x is tested to collide, but the race is not so,

Concerning the exit of the pits, I do not I mau nothing happened and project the beauty is that nothing is protruding on the road from the car to collide .... very strange.
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relesys on May-29-2010

@Relesys ,

Indeed very nice track !

I found 1 little bug:

When leaving the pitlane there seems to be something at the left wich you can't see but crash your car

Sry m8, I found another little bug:

You can drive through pitboxes, then you get behind those Harden the objects ?

André on May-29-2010

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