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Autodromo Rosendo Hernandez de San Luis 2

By: Chyva - SAF Modding and Chyva Designs
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 01-Aug-09
Current release: 2, on 01-Aug-09

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Screenie by: seba089
Screenie by: seba089
Screenie by: Chyva
Screenie by: Chyva
Screenie by: Chyva
Screenie by: Chyva
Screenie by: Chyva
Screenie by: Chyva
Screenie by: Chyva
Screenie by: Chyva

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Autódromo Rosendo Hernández de San Luis, Argentina.

Located in the Cuyo zone in Argentina, it was over 2.85 Ml long and it was inaugurated in 2003 to host Turismo Carretera, the most important race series in my country, although it was never used much given its narrow road and many slow turns that were not used for this series, besides being in a naturally semi-arid zone, with the problems of security and visibility due to the dirt outside the track itself.
After almost everybody forget about it, in 2007 a complete remodeling was realised on it, taking the width of the track up to almost 50 feet. In addition, the layout was also changed to make the track faster than its predecessor. Many safety measures were added, as new curbs with its corresponding escape and grass was grown in the perimeter to avoid dust lifting. With all those changes and improvements, it's remains today as one of the best automobile race tracks of the country, along with Potrero de los Funes, Buenos Aires and Termas de Río Hondo, to be enjoyed by several race series.

NOTE: This Track also came with 3 more layouts. The original 2003 layout and two short layouts.

New Layout: 2,85 ml. / 4,500 km.
Old Layout: 2,86 ml. / 4,612 km.
Short Layout 1: 2,05 ml. / 3,300 km.
Short Layout 2: 2,00 ml. / 3,200 km.


Autódromo Rosendo Hernández de San Luis, Argentina.

Hubicado en la zona cuyana de Argentina, con algo más de 4.600 mts. de longitud, fue inaugurado en 2003 para recibir al Turismo Carretera, aunque no fue muy utilizado dada su angosta cinta asfáltica y muchas horquillas lentas que no servían para esta categoría, además de encontrarse en una zona naturalmente semi-árida, con los problemas de seguridad y visibilidad debido a la tierra.
Luego de quedar casi en el olvido, en 2007 se le realizó una remodelación completa, llevando el ancho de la cinta asfáltica hasta 16 mts. Además, se cambió el dibujo para que fuera mucho más rápido que su predecesor. Se agregaron muchas medidas de seguridad como nuevos pianos con el escape correspondiente y se parquizaron las banquinas para evitar el levantameinto de polvo.
Con todos estos cambios y mejoras, quedó como uno de los mejores autódromos del país, a la altura de Potrero de los Funes, Buenos Aires, o Termas de Río Hondo, para ser disfrutado por varias categorías.

NOTA: Este circuito viene además con 3 variantes más. El trazado original de 2003 y dos circuitos cortos.

Trazado Nuevo: 4,500 km. / 2.85 ml.
Trazado Viejo: 4,612 km. / 2.86 ml.
Trazado Corto 1: 3,300 km. / 2,05 ml.
Trazado Corto 2: 3,200 km. / 2,00 ml.

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VanHelsing7 on Jul-21-2020

Hello could I pass the link of this circuit I need it. Thank you
menchini62 on May-03-2017

Angel24 on Oct-02-2014

A DL Link would be good
dirk808 on Jul-27-2013

Download link?
cccccc6666 on Jul-10-2012

This track is great!!! Congratulations Chyva and SAF
marianor on Aug-05-2009

I like the circuit, congratulations on the job
elsupas2 on Aug-04-2009

good grief.. i dont know what happened with my last message sorry..
THEDUMMY on Aug-01-2009

There seems to be a timing and scoring problem with the Old Layout. It does not score me and some of the AI cars as completing laps even when we clearly do without cutting the track. This applies to all sessions. Any idea what the problem is?
jws381 on Aug-01-2009

Thank you very much for your comments and it is a pleasure to enjoy.
The area around the circuit did not have much to add, is a fairly arid plain and very clear with no building or trees.
The 2nd hit download some files from the type 1 but does not affect at all, they are identical files, but duplicates for each download to operate separately.

Chyva on Aug-01-2009

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