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Autodromo di Casale Monferrato 0.95

By: Andrea Torlasco
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Andrea
Screenie by: Andrea
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Screenie by: Andrea Torlasco
Screenie by: Andrea Torlasco
Screenie by: Andrea
Screenie by: Andrea

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Circuit opened in 1973, 2460m longer.Situated between Morano Po and Pontestura, the circuit was inaugurated y Arturo Merzario, setting the track record with his Ferrari 312 B2 in 1'01"1 at the average speed of 144,95 kph .This track contest italian's f3 and tourin cars championships. In 1973, 1974 and 1976 there was a lot of proposal to make it longer in order to became an international spot for motorsport. But in 1975 problems begins: from Pontestura and Cuniolo there are some protests for noise. In 1976 there was a reduction of atcivity, and a plan of works to reduce the noise, but it isn't enough and the circuit was closed at the end of the year. The 18 of august of 1977 an escavator opens the gate and destroy 500 meters of the track. In 1980 the track was paved again and a reopining was possible for 1981. Recently there was other attempts, but now the circuit is inside a natural area and the rules make impossible a return to the activity.

01 April 2015
V0.95 Version
Change Log
-Gdb file
Updated file with real datas
Corrected speed limit

Corrected collision on fences
Corrected collisions on box building
Corrected real position of guard rails
Added back face on guard rails
Added fences on turn 1-6
Added vegetation

-Aiw file
Corrected corridors on s\f straight, ai don't hir guard rails anymore

-Cam file
Solved activation problem after turn 4
27 March 2015
V0.91 Patch
Updated .gdb file to fix pit limit problem. Copy in track folder and overwrite the older one.

26 March 2015
First release V0.9
Change log:
-Added vegetation
-Reworked AI, now is faster but need to be bestify in the slower part of the circuit
-Repositioned Kerbs
-Modified start/finish position and turn 4 shape in order to new historical aknowledge.

25 February 2015
Beta release.
Known issues
- buildings need to be finished
- Basic AI
- vegetation is missing
- cameras need a rework
- general texture optimization

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