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Autodromo internazionale Siracusa 1

By: Massimo Grassa
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 21-Feb-11
Current release: 1, on 21-Feb-11

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Screenie by: maxg75
Screenie by: maxg75
Screenie by: maxg75
Screenie by: maxg75
Screenie by: maxg75
Screenie by: maxg75
Screenie by: maxg75
Screenie by: maxg75
Screenie by: maxg75
Screenie by: maxg75

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Circuito che avrebbe dovuto sostituire quello usato dalla F.1 dal 1951 al 1967 e oggi abbandonato. I lavori sono inziati nel 1973, la pista è stata inaugurata l’8 dicembre 2000 ma i lavori non sono ancora finiti. Nel 2011 inizieranno i lavori di ristrutturazione.

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Aly21 on Dec-14-2013

Spero di non fare cosa sgradita: credo ci sia un link su ma comunque google qualche volta aiuta.
I think there is a link to download on and google sometimes can help us.

It really seams a good track I'm going to download it and Racalmuto and try!
CECCO33 on Jan-10-2013

ciao Massimo, innanzitutto i miei più vivissimi complimenti per le mod: SEI UN GRANDE!!!
desidero segnalarti che i link non funzionano più a causa delle nuove disposizioni antipirateria: potresti provvedere?
vorrei anche chiederti se ti fosse possibile creare delle mod di veicoli.

ancora GRAZIE!!!! per tutto, ciao
Maskuel on Feb-14-2012

The links do not work, please give me a new download link. Thank you very much!
mtom1984 on Jan-30-2012

grazie!!! finalmente posso fare gare nel mio circuito.... sono siracusano... ;-).... W LA SICILIA!!!
killer89sr on Mar-14-2011

Massimo grazie mille!!!!!!!!!!! dopo Racalmuto speravo che facessi anche Siracusa...ed eccola qui ancora grazie =)
Sarebbe bello un giorno avere anche il circuito di torretta l'unico autodromo palermitano
Gazer18 on Feb-27-2011

Massimo sei un grande!!! Prima ci regali Racalmuto, e adesso Siracusa!! Bravissimo...e grazie mille davvero!!
Alfatester on Feb-24-2011

hi,excellent flowing track,BUT,anyone had problems with flickering track advert boards and it just dosn't look sharp as you race it.playback images look ok.all other tracks play sharp as u race so i don't think its my settings.regards
apacheracer on Feb-23-2011

@ BLeeK and erwin greven: thanks for the advice! I will try your suggestions & report back here. BTW, have you tried this with Siracusa? If so, with what result(s)?

Edit: Ok, tried both methods and averaged the two and got 68718.5, which resulted in an estimate of 30 liters for 10 laps in the 997. Spot on! I ran out of fuel as I crossed the finish line (no short-shifting this time!). The AIs ran out of fuel on the cool-off lap.

N.B. I'm assuming that changing this file will result in a DQ in an online race, so unless everybody in your league makes the same changes, you're liable to be SOL, also zu sprachen.
Toonces on Feb-23-2011

Ive had a bit of experience of late with 'fuel usage' with my own track, although this relates to a 33.7km track, Im sure it should be a similar setup for more conventional tracks.....
While files are still in their first exported state (from BTB), go into the AIW file & scroll down to fuel usage.
Highlight & delete all figures before the decimal point.
Then go up4 lines above to lap_length & copy & paste that into fuel usage, then add a 1 between copied figure & the decimal point & then save.
Open your track in rF & see how it went.
With my own track I cross the line after 5 x 33.7km laps in a '72Bathurst Legends Valiant with 8liters to spare.....
Goodluck with this method & future builds!
BLeeK on Feb-23-2011

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