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Aviation Park Raceway 1

By: OzRacer/Hugh_Jarse
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 16-Feb-07
Current release: 1, on 16-Feb-07

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Screenie by: Locke@Germany
Screenie by: Locke@Germany
Screenie by: gts-r
Screenie by: gts-r
Screenie by: fastford1
Screenie by: fastford1

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Aviation Park Raceway is the first ever track I have created. Using the best tool ever Bobs Track Builder. The track is fast and flowing great for close online racing.

Special thanks to Hugh Jarse for giving me tips and answering all my questions as I started the track-making journey. The sim community needs more like him around the place.

Track facts

Venue = Aviation Park Raceway

Location = South Australia

Length = 4.070 KM

Type = Permanent Road Course

Big thanks go out to the online community for beta testing. I look forward to your help on the next trackā€¦


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Is Aviation Park a real place/circuit & does it go by another name?
Trying to compile a listing of all Australian tracks, any help would be great thanks!
BLeeK on Jul-14-2011

I race on every track when I have the time.

Any remake is always welcome mate
Greybrad on Jun-30-2010

wow i didnt know that this track was still raced on... anyone interested in me doing a remake???
OzRacer on Jun-29-2010

Yes the pit lane is on the left, I sometimes forget that rFactor uses the variable in the aiw and not gdb file.
Greybrad on May-01-2010

Thank you very much, Greybrad.One more question: In the .aiw I changed the option "left hand pits" from "0" to "1". Is it correct?
johnnyZ. on Apr-30-2010

I couldn't find the .rar file I'd previously uploaded, but I do still have all of the updated files.

Here is a new link
Greybrad on Apr-29-2010

DL Link for timing fix is down. Can anybody reupload please?
johnnyZ. on Apr-29-2010

Greybrad has graciously done the math for us and has posted a fix for the timing error here:

Thanks very much. This makes one of the great fantasy tracks (there aren't many) even greater. The Esses are like Riverside's, but even more challenging (unless you've got about double your car's weight in aero!).
Toonces on Jul-22-2009

To OzRacer/Hugh_Jarse,

The sector01.gmt does not activate when driven through. So you get timing errors in game.

To fix this you need to reverse the faces of sector01.gmt and then resave your aiw file.
Greybrad on Jul-20-2009

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