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Avus 1967(Z) 1

Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 25-Jun-08
Current release: 1, on 25-Jun-08

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Screenie by: kidddd
Screenie by: kidddd
Screenie by: kidddd
Screenie by: kidddd
Screenie by: kidddd
Screenie by: kidddd
Screenie by: kidddd
Screenie by: kidddd
Screenie by: xpid
Screenie by: xpid

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- original GPL track by Oversteer
- GTR2 version by Jimi-46
- rFactor LODS by Slomo (thanks a lot)
- startlights by lifers

The track could still use better textures.
All other remarks which could lead to a better track will be looked into, when I find the time.

Have Fun, not fame


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Alexandra567 on Jul-21-2017

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McAllister16 on Feb-16-2017

i've made 1:48.168 in my mclaren mercedes mp4-25
fefebatera on Jun-18-2014

Que largo tiene el circuito?
What is the lenght of the circuit???
DunMatias on Sep-04-2010

This is an ideal track to test the real high speed of the car.
thijsmeerveld on Aug-24-2010

Yeah,great work,but...where I can found,the Koeniggsegg CCXRGT for rFactor (like in the screenshot)?
tonix_89 on Oct-20-2009

smsmalley: Big deal, try the Saleen S7TT, managed a time around 1:40 in 4 laps. Be sure to use the "street" version, the racer is slower. =)
jubuttib on Oct-19-2009

I think it would be cool if someone made 1990s DTM version of AVUS.
physics1313 on Jul-08-2009

i finally got a really old game called spirit of speed 1937 going and i found that avus had lots of sweeping curves. i was wondering if the creator could include this in2 avus, camryn

The Spirit of Speed version is not accurate, the curves depicted there where never on the track in real life. The GPL version (this one) is much more realistic.
diff_user on Dec-07-2008

This is a great track. By the way, I have just beaten the lap record for the track using the HistorX Ford GT40 #840 with a lap time of 2.00.474!
smsmalley on Sep-20-2008

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