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AwesomeRing 2.00

By: Rockett_Man
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 26-Jun-11
Current release: 2.001, on 23-Sep-12

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Screenie by: Rockett_man
Screenie by: Rockett_man

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Kiribati Grand Prix Circuit (doesn't exist). This is a long, and very wide oval circuit with medium speed corners at each end. The other version contains chicanes hairpins and high speed wibbles on the tarmac. Now dfinitely called Kiribati.

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Try putting this on a legitimate download site (i.e. one which has a minimum of or preferably no hoops to jump through).
John DiFool on Sep-16-2011

I'm hoping to redo the AIW in a bit, but the layout and surrounds will not change anymore.
Rockett_man on Jul-11-2011

It calls Rafaela. Used in Turismo Carretera and Turismo Carretera Pista(same chassis but less power)
131209 on Jul-10-2011

There used to be a track shaped like this (minus the hateful chicanes) in Santa Fe, Argentina. The IndyCar guys went down there in the early 70s. They had been assured that the track was a dead-nuts replica of Indy, so they brought their Indy gears and setups. Imagine their surprise when T1-T2 and T3-T4 turned out to be hairpins!
Toonces on Jun-29-2011

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