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BMW E90 WTCC 0608 (rFactor 2) 1.10

By: Slow Motion RFE
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 04-Dec-14
Current release: 1.100, on 25-Jun-15

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Screenie by: Slow Motion RFE
Screenie by: Slow Motion RFE

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I updated the mod to the version 1.1

- changed some coefficients following the new available technology of rFactor2
- fixed a graphic issue into the dashboard using HDR
- "cutted" a little slice at the bottom of the front bumper to avoid (partially) to touch the ground, off road
- tuned max speed for AIs closed to the humans
- new talent files for all classes following new ISI specifications
- tuned braking system
- added option to personalize suites of each driver - standard rF2 driver (DRIVER)
- added option to personalize specific BMW E90 helmet of each driver (EXTRA1)
- pay attention for window... you must use WINDOW and duplicate the content to EXTRA0 too



Here is the first public version 1.0 of the BMWE90 WTCC0608 for rFactor2.

Let me explain some more:
1. I want to call this version an "update to rFactor2" of the "evergreen" great mod made by starting by the 3D made by Thome and under his permission
2. My intention in managing it, was to let the essence of the mod itself, without changing the feeling in driving these cars, but at the same time improving and enhancing the features in those areas where rFactor2 uses its new technology like the flexible chassis, the new deformable tire structure, the new integrated gear, new shaders, etc...
3. I toke the decision to change only the default setup to have a car easier to drive and more performing, localcams views, seat adjustment and tires!!!!
4. About tires I spent a lot of time (but without having the necessary skill to manage the TGM files and +ttool at a pro level...) to reach my goal: Qualify Tire with high performances but very very sensitive in degradation more than in the "pure" wear, great for a couple of laps only; Race Tire for a lasting performance where aggressiveness in driving can be allowed but without sliding too much or spinning; Wet Tires very closed to the original ISI coefficients. Also AIs performances with Talent file seems to be at a good level, also if AIs do not mount Qualify Tire (not my fault)

Many thanks to the several persons that gave me help, technical suggestions and support during the development. I hope you will enjoy the mod!

TEMPLATE: (original by

A SPECIAL THANKS to ISR that gave me room for the Missing Component feature and that has already available a live server for this mod!

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The Alemannenring is in the south of Germany, 5 km to Switzerland. This is an old DTM Track. (DTM Drives on the Alemannenring in the years 1991 - 1995).
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newstart027 on Oct-12-2016

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newstart027 on Oct-12-2016

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